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YSL Y EDP Intense (Review) – Don’t Be Fooled

YSL Y EDP Intense is a men’s fragrance that came out in 2023. It’s another release in the growing catalogue of YSL Y fragrances. Recently, this fresh aromatic scent has received criticism labelling it a redundant. Detractors say it’s forgettable and doesn’t warrant trying. However, I’ve been testing it a lot lately and my opinion could not be more different. Read on so I can explain.

What does YSL Y EDP Intense smell like?

Firstly let’s go over the notes. Y EDP Intense contains bergamot, ginger, juniper berries, sage, lavender, vetiver, patchouli, and cedar.

The citrus note of bergamot is first noticeable, bringing an immediate, bright freshness.

Additionally, there’s a strong aromatic aspect in the opening. It comes from the ginger and juniper, giving off a spicy, zingy kick. The early stages are similar to the smell of the original YSL Y EDP.

Bracing, zingy juniper

Although, the scent deviates as it develops. Some of the citrus freshness starts to taper off and is replaced by other accords:

  • First comes sage, that smells herbaceous, brisk, and sweet; and
  • Lavender introduces its iconic clean, masculine, and calming characteristics.

Once Y EDP Intense begins to dry down, it traverses to the deeper notes. Vetiver and patchouli combine to produce rich, earthy hues. Specifically, the patchouli differentiates this release from similar offerings like YSL Y Le Parfum.

Deep patchouli

Finally, there’s a healthy amount of cedarwood that lays a mature backbone. The wood unifies with the earthiness and the enduring aromatic elements persist until the end.

In summary, YSL Y EDP Intense smells like a fresh and uplifting spicy aromatic fragrance. Then, some clean and brisk verdant notes arrive. Finally, it becomes a little denser, coupled with lasting aromatic energy.

This juice isn’t an avant-garde release. It’s not a groundbreaking scent that will revolutionise the industry. Nevertheless, it is a mature enrichment on past releases. A tough task given how impressive those previous ones are. Y EDP Intense is friendly and invigorating whilst possessing a sensible gentlemanly streak.  

Check the comments from this reviewer:

I tried to like both Y EDP and Y Le Parfum, but the former was too synthetic/loud, and the latter too cloying. Y EDP Intense seems to have found a nice middle ground, while also going in an ever so slightly different direction. Better than the other two in my opinion, and it fills my longing for a solid, long-lasting, blue shower-gel-like fragrance.


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Rating the performance

Despite the Intense tagline, the performance is very much in line with its predecessors.

Specifically, I’ve found Y EDP Intense projects moderately from skin for 3 hours. Afterwards, it settles closer for another 5. Thus, I usually get around 8 hours of total longevity.

There’s some critique of the performance online but it’s totally overblown. This release is aligned with most other YSL fragrances that have come before.

As versatile as its predecessors

YSL colognes are famed for their versatility. Y EDP Intense is no different.

It’s great for social outings and casual catch ups with friends. However, that extra dimension of maturity makes it feasible for the office and formal occasions too – even moreso than the original Y EDP.

Wear it in casual situations

Additionally, this can be worn in any season, with a slight lean toward the warmer months.

No question it’s safe and pleasant, but that doesn’t translate to sexy. Thus, when romantic occasions call, reach for sensual elixirs like Noir Extreme Parfum and Gentleman Reserve Privee instead.

In Summary – YSL Y EDP Intense

ysl y edp intense

YSL Y EDP Intense receives tons of unnecessary hate. The negative reactions are straight up nonsensical.

Sure it’s a minor revamp, but sometimes that’s all that’s required to make a great DNA shine even brighter.

It takes the aroma of the original and does exactly as it says – intensifies it. This juice smells refined and mature, highlighted with a darker patchouli edge. However, it always retains that familiar fresh, aromatic essence we’ve come to love.

If you enjoy the others in the series, this edition is undeniable.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on YSL Y EDP Intense?

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