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Invictus Victory Review: It Impressed Me (Here’s Why)

Invictus Victory is a cologne for men released in 2021. It’s a flanker of the original Invictus, created by designer Paco Rabanne. The brand took an unexpected approach with Victory, shifting from the familiar Invictus scent profile. Given the interest that move received, I became curious to smell it. And I have to say, I’m impressed. Read on and I’ll explain why.

Invictus Victory smells like citrus infused with sweet vanilla and amber

Invictus Victory contains lemon, pink pepper, lavender, olibanum, vanilla, tonka, and amber.

Lemon and pink pepper are the first notes you’ll smell. The combination smells bright and fruity, united with a warm peppery punch.

Pink pepper in the opening

Soon thereafter, a lavender accord emerges. It underpins the opening duo with a soft, powdery aroma. Pleasingly, it doesn’t smell floral or pungent, distilled down to only its most appealing aspects. You’ll find the lavender endures for the remainder of the scent.

Side note: Fans of Armani Code Absolu will recognise similarities with Victory, especially in the later phases.

Once Victory develops, more notes appear:

  • Vanilla injects the first detectable amounts of sweetness. It harmoniously melds amongst the powdery lavender and earlier spicy vigor; and
  • Olibanum (frankincense) slowly arises, presenting a subtle resinous element in the background.
Vanilla is prevalent as Victory dries

Accords of tonka and amber emanate as Victory fully dries down. They introduce an inviting thick chocolate-like quality in the base, with intermittent whiffs of amber pulsing off skin.

In summary, Invictus Victory smells fruity and spicy, before transitioning to sweet and resinous middle notes. Then, it smoothly settles as an alluringly sweet, rich blend. If you enjoy the Invictus DNA, there’s no guarantee you’ll love this. The only likeness is the bottle design. Paco Rabanne has driven Victory in a darker direction, a far cry from flankers like Invictus Aqua.

This reviewer had positive things to say:

Fresh lemon lavender opening that settles into one of the best vanilla, tonka, ambery smells. Very unique and amazing. Great compliment factor. I was at the store and out of all the scents I tried (chanel de bleu, aqua di gio, wanted by night, ch bad boy, ysl y edp) this one stood out and captivated me.

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Superb lasting power

The performance of Invictus Victory is moderate. It’s not a huge projector, although that’s offset by its extensive lasting power.

Specifically, Victory projects out from skin for the first 3 hours. Then, it settles closer for a further 7. Therefore, expect up to 10 hours of total longevity.

Additionally, it tends to linger even more during the coldest days. Not bad for an affordable designer scent.

A casual charmer

Victory is absolute dynamite for casual occasions.

It’s fantastic to wear during social gatherings, errand running, or coffee catch ups with friends. Also, its warm tempting energy makes it valuable for romantic rendezvous and dates.

invictus victory romantic night
A romantic night with Invictus Victory

For those same reasons, it works best in cold weather. Seasonally, Winter and Autumn are best, but cooler days year-round get the tick of approval too.

In Conclusion – Invictus Victory

invictus victory

Invictus Victory is a satisfying launch in the Invictus line. Instead of the usual tiresome focus on florals and aquatics, Paco Rabanne cleverly pivoted to vanilla and seductive amber for this release.

Thus, the result is an inviting cool weather elixir, suitable for casual and romantic situations alike.

Sound good?

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Invictus Victory?

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