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Nasomatto Pardon Enchanted Me: Here’s Why (Review)

Nasomatto Pardon is a fragrance for men that came out in 2011. Pardon is often credited as an enigmatic yet elegant cologne that helped put the niche brand Nasomatto on the map. I’d been urged to try it many times so I couldn’t wait any longer. Undeniably, I now realise waiting so long was a huge mistake. Hang around so I can explain.

Nasomatto Pardon smells like dry dark chocolate and deep, woody oud

Nasomatto Pardon contains dark chocolate, magnolia, oud, tonka bean, cinnamon, and sandalwood.

Pardon opens with a decadent cloud of dark chocolate. It smells dry and bitter, like an unrefined dusting of cacao. This is nothing like the artificial, sugared milk chocolate available on supermarket shelves. If you appreciate the dark chocolate in Kilian Black Phantom, odds are you’ll like this too.

Dark chocolate noticeable in its purest, bitter, and dry form

Alongside the chocolatey vibe is a floral magnolia accord. Undoubtedly a surprising addition to such a warm, decadent scent. Nonetheless, it brings balance to the opening with a subtle citrusy, floral essence.

After the opening, the scent becomes more detailed once further ingredients unite:

  • Although officially listed as a base note, oud asserts control over the blend sooner than expected. It brings newfound smokiness, deepening and drying the aroma further. Additionally, oud can sometimes become pungent or animalic, and that’s not the case here. It smells neutral and sensible.
  • Tonka bean – supports the faint sweetness of the authentic chocolate with woody, earthy hues; and
  • Cinnnamon also meanders through the mixture. However, its spiciness is quiet – a far cry from beastly aromas like Mancera Red Tobacco.
oud accord
Oud is present throughout the aroma

Lastly, the dry down phase commences. Sandalwood is the last note to emerge, and its creamy quality is on display. It supports the earlier gourmand elements with a thick texture. However, the scent’s enduring dryness prevents this from becoming overbearing.

In summary, Nasmatto Pardon smells like soft and bitter dark chocolate, balanced with delicate florals. Then it becomes darker and woodier, with spicy, earthy, and creamy facets visible too.

Check out this reviewer’s comments:

To me this is sweet, warm, spicy dry woods with a creamy tail. Resinous and almost earthy feeling with a hint of aromatic nuances. This is a dark fragrance, with decent projection and extraordinary longevity.

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Performance is monstrous

Nasomatto Pardon is sold in a 30ml bottle, which is all you’re ever going to need. Trust me, don’t underestimate the performance of Pardon – it’s a monster.

Specifically, it projects moderately from skin for the first 6 hours before simmering closer for another 8. Thus, I usually experience 14 hours of longevity. And that’s being conservative.

Pardon almost reaches the lofty heights of Amouage Interlude Man when it comes to performance, and I don’t make that claim lightly.

Works amazingly in TWO situations

Pardon isn’t the most versatile scent on the market.

Nevertheless, there’s two ideal situations where you should spray without worry.

Special events are my first choice, including cocktail evenings and weddings. This signature scent profile isn’t too challenging yet will do plenty to intrigue those in your presence.

man who wears nasomatto pardon
Pardon suits special events well

Secondly, Pardon possesses a warm and romantic feel which makes it desirable for date night. Although as noted before, go easy on the trigger for the ideal sensual influence.

Seasonally, it does its best work in the cooler and moderate months.

In Conclusion – Nasomatto Pardon

nasomatto pardon

Nasomatto Pardon is all about balance. Opulent yet modest, sweet yet savoury, masculine yet gentle.

This chocolatey-oud duet is skillfully blended, surrounded by several supporting notes that ooze quality.

Consider this remarkable aroma as the next addition to your fragrance wardrobe.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Nasomatto Pardon?

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