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Givenchy Gentleman EDP: How Good Is It? [Reviewed]

Givenchy Gentleman EDP is a men’s cologne by French luxury brand Givenchy. This scent was released in 2018 in the popular ‘Gentleman’ line of fragrances. I’ve had multiple people urge me to try this cologne. I bought a sample first, but a bottle soon followed. After much experience, I’ve finalised my opinion on just how good it is. Read on for my verdict!

What does Givenchy Gentleman EDP smell like?

Gentleman EDP contains notes of vanilla, pepper, iris, lavender, bergamot, benzoin.

When first sprayed on skin, I can immediately smell sweetness. The vanilla accord is the culprit – it smells dark and sensual.  Alongside the vanilla is a prominent iris/orris note. Iris is known to exude a ‘powdery’ aroma, which it does here. However, it also features a soft creaminess, which gives it a vibe of maturity.

Dark, wweet vanilla in the opening

Furthermore, there’s a spicy black pepper note in the background. The pepper is subtle yet smells warm and dry. It provides that conventional tingle to the nose once smelled.

To round out the opening, there’s a splash of citrusy bergamot freshness. It offers brightness, balance, and a burst of energy to the composition. Although the bergamot is mild and fleeting, it plays a key role in the beginning.

Fresh bergamot

As Gentleman EDP develops, multiple changes occur:

  • The warm spicy pepper and zesty bergamot dissipate; and
  • A lavender note appears, lasting briefly through the mid. It smells airy, aromatic, and refined

Once Gentleman fully dries on skin, the benzoin note becomes the lead. In detail, it smells balsamic, smooth, and smokily sweet. The vanilla and iris continue to emanate, however their sweet powdery combination plays second fiddle.

Ambery, resinous quality

In summary, I describe Gentleman EDP as a darkly sweet and powdery scent with spicy nuances. Then, it dries down into a warm, resinous version of the same.

Furthermore, this scent profile isn’t indicative of gentlemen in the classic sense. It’s more reflective of modern metrosexual gentlemen with bold tendencies. A fitting comparison would be is Dior Homme Intense.

Check this reviewer’s thoughts on Gentleman EDP:

A well-blended, sweet, spicy and masculine type of fragrance. This often gets compared to Dior Homme Intense with the Iris note but I see this more of a darker scent. This is a classy and mature smell. As well as rich and sophisticated. It comes across as a formal, dressed up, sexy date type of fragrance.

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What’s the performance like?

I rate the performance of Gentleman EDP as moderate to high.

To elaborate, I’ve discovered it projects 3 feet from my skin for the first 3 hours. Then it lingers closer to the skin for another 7 hours. Therefore, this typically lasts 10 hours or more.

Who can wear this, and when?

Gentleman EDP is a fragrance crafted for the confident, modern man. Additionally, this composition leans mature, meaning men mid 20’s+ are best suited to this.

Gentleman is an admirable evening scent, specifically for work drinks and romantic dates. However, it’s also appropriate for cooler days when you must be well-dressed. For example, that could mean a professional workplace or special event.

givenchy gentleman edp suitable man
Gentleman EDP suits confident, well-dressed men

Nothing about this cologne screams ‘casual’. Additionally, this won’t be an easy reach scent. Either YSL Y EDP or Amouage Reflection will fill that versatile need for you.

To conclude – Givenchy Gentleman EDP

givenchy gentleman edp

Givenchy Gentleman EDP is an assured cologne for the sophisticated gent. Its sweet and powdery elements are alluring, rounded by warm balsamic notes underneath.

This cologne isn’t for timid men. Gentleman EDP is for those with drive and purpose, who revel in seductive encounters on their path to greatness.


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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Givenchy Gentleman EDP?

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