Creed Aventus Cologne review: How Does It Smell? [Answered]

Creed Aventus Cologne is a 2018 release by popular niche brand Creed. Aventus Cologne is a flanker of the globally renowned cologne Creed Aventus. I recently bought a bottle and a few people asked how it smells. Hang around for the next couple of minutes and I’ll share my thoughts with you!

What does Creed Aventus Cologne smell like?

Creed Aventus Cologne is a woody citrus scent containing notes of mandarin, pink pepper, ginger, vetiver, birch, and musk.

Juicy mandarin

On first spray, mandarin is the dominant projecting note. It has an expectedly bright, sunny citrus character to it. Furthermore, mandarin tends to smell a little ‘green’, which is certainly the case here.

Supporting the mandarin is a pink pepper accord. The pepper smells mildly spicy and dry, combining harmoniously with the juicy citrus. Its use reminds me somewhat of Creed Viking.

Dry, spicy pink pepper in the background

Also appearing is a sprinkling of zingy ginger. However, it’s in the background and isn’t noticeable unless you pay close attention.

After the first 30 minutes, the initial aroma changes in 3 ways:

  • The initial burst of mandarin and pink pepper mellows down;
  • A green vetiver note emerges. It smells dry and slightly grassy, evoking classiness; and
  • All the remaining remnants of ginger fully dissipate.

Lastly, Aventus Cologne changes again when it dries on skin. The musk appears, smelling smooth and creamy. Alongside the musk, arrives birch. I appreciate the woody birch accord, it adds maturity and a masculine backbone to the fragrance.

Birch wood in the dry down

In conclusion, Aventus Cologne opens as a citrus fragrance with spicy nuances. Then, it dries down into a woody musk combination. Delicious.

Check this reviewer’s thoughts on Creed Aventus Cologne:

That spicy mandarin opening followed by creamy woody and musky base in this Cologne version is to die for. Performance could be better but price is justified due to how natural this smells.

Wondering how this compares to the original Aventus? Let me quickly summarise that.

Aventus Cologne is a fresher, more mass-appealing take on the OG Aventus. This newest version focusses almost exclusively on juicy citrus, woods, and musk. In contrast, the OG contains smoky and leathery undertones, which don’t appear in Aventus Cologne.

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What’s the performance like?

I rate the performance of Creed Aventus Cologne as low to moderate.

Aventus Cologne projects 2 feet from skin for the first hour. Then, it lasts for 2-3 hours after that. Overall, it remains on skin for a total of between 3-4 hours.

I agree with the sentiment of the reviewer above. Performance could be improved – but the scent profile makes up for it.

Want this to last on skin all day? I suggest you reapply around midday.

Is it versatile?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES.

Versatility is one of the strongest attributes of Aventus Cologne.

This scent is suitable for casual catch-ups, office wear, and even daytime dates. Hell, I’d even wear it to evening romantic encounters if I didn’t own PDM Layton.

creed aventus cologne man
Just about anyone can wear Aventus Cologne, anywhere. Here’s one example

Additionally, you can give this a run for special occasions if you really wanted. Although, why not roll with something that’s purpose-built for unique moments? YSL Tuxedo, perhaps?

As for the best seasons to wear this….?

You could go as far as calling this a perfect summer fragrance. That juicy mandarin note is screaming to be applied in the heat. However, it’ll work pleasantly in moderate temperatures too.

To conclude – Creed Aventus Cologne

creed aventus cologne

Lately I’ve enjoyed wearing Creed Aventus Cologne. It’s a brighter, fresher take on the original Aventus with improved versatility to boot.

Although I must admit the performance leaves a little to be desired. However, in this case, I’m comfortable overlooking that. That’s because of the addictive spicy mandarin opening that dries down into a familiar woody musk.

Also, the ingredients smell natural and high quality, which justifies adding this to almost any fragrance wardrobe.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Creed Aventus Cologne?

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