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Montale Arabians Tonka (Review): Sweet Middle Eastern Mystique

Montale Arabians Tonka is a men’s cologne released in 2019. Montale is an esteemed artisan, crafting fragrances that evoke emotions, memories, and landscapes. Arabians Tonka is no different – a scent formed with unparalleled allure and mystique. Recently, I was asked by some people to review it given its rising popularity. Not only have I taken a sniff, but I’ve been testing it all week. Join me as I embark on a review of this intriguing, Arabian-inspired aroma.

What does Arabians Tonka smell like?

Firstly let’s survey the accords. The marquee note is unsurprisingly tonka bean. However, it also comprises saffron, oud, rose, sugar cane, amber, and musk.

The opening of Arabian Tonka contains the namesake note, tonka bean. From initial spray it gives off a creamy and velvety sweetness. That sweet, almond-like aroma is accented by hints of vanilla and caramel, creating an alluring gourmand symphony.

Tonka is the marquee accord

Saffron also fills an essential role. This ancient spice simmers amongst the sweetness, providing a balancing and smoky quality. Additionally, it induces depth and a piquant middle eastern mystique.

From here the scent unfolds, revealing further character.

Oud is the next accord uncovered. The woodiness grounds the tonka with a smoky richness. Like aged timber in an ancient palace, it lends history and permanence to the composition. To me, it rouses visions of ornate carvings and sun-dappled courtyards of the Arab world.

Rose is also present, giving airy yet jammy hues. However, don’t expect any floral femininity. The rose plays a similar role to Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum. It activates a harmonising effect that counteracts the other robust facets.

Afterwards, we journey into the dry down. Here, the sugar cane, amber, and musk lend further, deeper sensuality.

Deep, warm amber in the dry down

Sugar cane sustains the tonka with a sugared sweetness. Some compare it to Mancera Instant Crush, but they’re only remotely related.

Then the remaining two accords arrive. The musk is soft and inviting, whilst amber adds a golden warmth that lingers on the skin. A fitting conclusion to a scent that’s both enigmatic and captivating.

Take a look at comments from this reviewer:

This fragrance is a wonderful blend of tonka, sugar and warmth. Perfect for any winter/ fall night, this is the scent embodiment of being in a nice warm blanket and drinking a soda with candy. The sugary mix of tonka and vanilla makes a scent to remember. If you love tonka, like myself, this is a must have.

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How does it perform?

Montale fragrances have a reputation for strength and Arabians Tonka is no different.

Specifically, I’ve found it projects strongly from skin for the first 5 hours.

However, it’s the longevity after that which I find most impressive.

After those first 5, it settles closer for another 10. That totals a whopping 15 hours of lasting power. 

When can you wear it?

Let me describe the situations where Arabians Tonka works best.

Firstly, the warmth and depth make it an excellent choice for evening events such as dinners, parties, or formal gatherings. It’s both sensual and sophisticated, with an ability to complement your attire and enhance your presence.

man who wears montale arabians tonka
This man would wear Arabians Tonka

Also, its alluring and seductive nature makes it an ideal choice for romantic occasions, including date nights or intimate dinners. Its sweet and spicy notes create an aura that leaves a lasting impression on your companion.

Seasonally, the cozy and comforting aspects make it well-suited to Autumn/Winter and colder weather. The richness provides warmth and comfort on those unbearably chilly days.

Mercedes Benz Club Black is an adjacent cologne to compare it with. Anytime I’d consider wearing one, I’d also take the other.

In Summary – Montale Arabians Tonka

montale arabians tonka

Montale Arabians Tonka is a fragrance that transports the wearer to exotic lands and distant memories with each inhale.

It casts a spell with velvety tonka, before spicy saffron and oud take you on an enchanting, Arabian adventure.

This is my first review of a Montale cologne on this blog. Given this experience, it will not be my last.

This is an olfactory delight steeped in sweet mystery and intrigue.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Montale Arabians Tonka?

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