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Ombre Nomade is a Daring TITAN (Review)

Ombre Nomade is a cologne for men released in 2018 by Louis Vuitton. Since release, it’s garnered acclaim for its dark and confident head-turning attributes. A few people hyped it to me as a beast-mode scent that’s not suitable for the faint hearted. And after smelling it I can confirm that’s definitely the case. Read on for my full thoughts.

Ombre Nomade smells like smoky leather, oud, and floral rose

Ombre Nomade contains leather, saffron, incense, oud, rose, raspberry, amberwood, and benzoin.

Firstly, it opens with a strong expression of leather. It smells supple and expensive, setting the daring tone of the scent from the outset.

Luxe leather in the opening

Saffron also appears, providing dry, spicy hues that complement the leather.

Also, incense drifts quietly through the background. It introduces a soft smoky element that’s sustained as the composition develops.

Soon thereafter emerge the heart notes:

  • Oud – supports the incense with a smouldering, woody facet. It’s well blended and evokes a rugged yet elegant feel. Very much comparable to the suave, mysterious energy that Tom Ford Oud Wood evokes;
  • Rose is the next note to arise. It disperses an airy texture whilst its heady floral essence simultaneously balances the oud; and
  • There’s raspberry here too, adding some lychee-like fruitiness. However, it’s subtle, only noticeable when smelled up close.
oud accord
Dark, smouldering oud

Finally, the dry down phase happens. The assertive leather and incense duo pull back, leaving oud and rose to circulate. Although, base notes of amberwood and benzoin soon ascend to join them. They give a resinous feel, deepening and darkening the mixture.

In summary, Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade smells like intense, leathery incense and saffron that transitions into a composed, woody, rose-based aroma. It’s bold and brazenly masculine, but always maintains a sense of formal luxury due to the considered use of quality ingredients.

Check out the comments from this reviewer:

Luxury scent. Smokey, leathery opening. After you can smell the jammy type of rose and raspberry mixed with the incense and oud. Must try. Very big statement maker.

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Performance is monstrous

There’s no debate about the performance of Ombre Nomade. It’s phenomenal.

Specifically, it projects strongly from skin for 5 hours, before simmering closer for another 7. Therefore, expect nothing less than 12 hours of total longevity.

In fact, I’ll even declare its potency right up there with the strongest colognes on the planet like Amouage Interlude Man.

Thus, I forbid you from overspraying it under any circumstances. 

Limitations with versatility

Given the aroma and projection, it’s no surprise this cologne is rigid. There aren’t many circumstances you can wear it. Equally powerful oud scents like Mancera Red Tobacco are all too familiar with this dilemma.

However, it does excel for evening special events and nights out. This is a provocative, statement-making piece that’ll grab attention wherever you go. If leaving a unique impression is your goal, a few sprays of this juice will do the job.

It excels for special occasions

Additionally, moderate to cooler temps are the best times to spray due to its vigorous scent profile.

In Conclusion – Ombre Nomade

ombre nomade

Many fragrance lovers hype Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade and after testing it myself I can see why.

This is a fearless elixir, recognised for its use of leather, oud, and incense. However the floral notes play an equally important role, infusing contrast and sophistication that commands respect.

Suited savages and classy killers, look no further.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Ombre Nomade?

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