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Initio Side Effect Reviewed By A Fragrance Addict

Sex in a bottle is the perfect description when it comes to Initio’s 2016 fragrance release, Side Effect. This is a unisex fragrance and without a doubt, one of my all time favourite fragrances.

Without any hesitation, I bought myself a bottle of this provocative juice to add to my collection as I have a personal liking towards Initio fragrances, particularly Oud for Greatness and Blessed Baraka. The Initio DNA is so inspiring and blends so well with my skin, I had to share my thoughts on Side Effect.

Cologne Notes

This sensual fragrance contains notes of rum, vanilla, tobacco, cinnamon, saffron, sandalwood and hedione.

How Does Initio Side Effect Smell?

Side Effect is a sexy, addictive scent that has boozy and gourmand qualities. Just smelling it off the atomiser cap instills a rush of pleasure that is so dreamy and intoxicating.

On first spray, I get a wave of boozyness from the rum, sweetness from the vanilla and spiciness from the cinammon.

As it dries down, the tobacco and woody accords blend in so seamlessly. The ingredients smell very expensive, high quality and luxurious.

Occasions and Versatility

This is hands down one of the BEST date night fragrances you could reach for. Aside from that, Side Effect is a perfect choice for any night out during the cooler months. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t deter you from choosing it to wear on a warm summers night as it is not overly sweet.

As a heads up, many people around you may start to experience some neck pain due to the amount of heads you’ll be turning! Side Effect is a complement beast and an absolute showstopper.

Initio Side Effect is so incredibly sensual and sexy.

John Ibrahim

Longevity and Projection

Being an Initio fragrance, I was expecting this to be a projection monster, but this isn’t the case. Nevertheless, Side Effect is still extremely inviting and very long lasting.

It has great sillage and can project up to a metre away. After 3 hours of wear, the scent settles closer to the skin but can still be detected hours later. I typically apply 3-5 sprays to get the best results.

Initio Side Effect Is SEX In A Bottle!

initio side effect

Updated: Initio Side Effect is a 10/10 fragrance for me.

It is the perfect blend of boozyness, wood notes and sweetness. Side Effect is available in a 90ml bottle.

Get more information and buy now on Amazon >>>

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