tom ford noir extreme parfum

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum Reviewed (2024 Updated)

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum is a cologne for men released in 2022. It’s a flanker of Noir Extreme, a scent acclaimed for its rich, gourmand aroma. Since I own (and love) the original, there was no doubt I needed to test this one out. Although I don’t necessarily think the Parfum smells better than its predecessor, it is just as good. Hang around and let me explain.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum smells like dark sweetness, spices and woods

Noir Extreme Parfum opens with an appetizing kulfi note. Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream, and elicits a sweet and gourmand smell.

Sweet delectable Kulfi

Spices are evident alongside. Cardamom and ginger (a new inclusion) are the two I notice, and they provide early warmth and energy to the dessert accord.

Additionally, leather appears early too. Like ginger, this note didn’t exist in the original, and it deepens the opening with refined luxury.

Florals notes come out as the aroma begins developing:

  • Rose – infuses some balance with a delicate, airy touch; and
  • Orange blossom plays a similar role to the rose, adding stability with feint citrus hues.
Feint orange blossom

Finally, the scent dries down. The kulfi dessert note withdraws, as do the central florals. A warm vanilla accord rises, taking the place of that kulfi sweetness. It’s bolstered by resinous amber and woods that add depth, whilst the leather continues to permeate.

In summary, Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum smells like a seductive sweet gourmand scent with supporting spices and leather. Then florals emerge, before ultimately settling into a sweet resinous woody aroma with enduring leather. This is an elevated interpretation of the original; it’s just as rich, but a touch more complex and dense with new ingredients added.

Check out the concise comments from this reviewer:

This is the original plus a delicious leather that does have an unburnt, pipe tobacco effect. I prefer this version as it’s more TF-esque, obnoxious, masculine-leaning and balanced. My husband prefers the original which is certainly smoother, more mass-appealing and hedonistic.

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It performs moderately

Overall, Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum is a moderate performer.

Specifically, it projects softy for 4 hours, before simmering into a skin scent for an extra 6. Therefore, expect to catch whiffs for up to 10 hours total.

Despite the aroma differences with its forefather, my testing shows projection and longevity are just about identical.

Not very versatile – BUT

Noir Extreme Parfum is about as versatile as its predecessor. Meaning, only a little.

It’s almost exclusively for special and romantic occasions. Wear it to cocktail evenings, wedding receptions, dates, or intimate rendezvous (😉).

man who wears tom ford noir extreme parfum
The Parfum is a special occasion after-dark elixir

The dark, alluring nature of Noir Extreme Parfum will draw your companion in closer, curious for more. In that sense it’s comparable to Nasomatto Pardon.

Furthermore, if you guessed this was not a Summer scent you’d be correct. It becomes cloying in those conditions. Thus, stick to spraying in moderate and cooler temperatures.

In Conclusion – Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum

tom ford noir extreme parfum

In conclusion, Noir Extreme Parfum is another solid release in Tom Ford’s impressive catalogue of men’s colognes.

It takes the sensual, hedonistic elements of the original and adapts them. This interpretation is more daring and deeper, due to the thoughtful addition of leather and spices.

Although it isn’t an upgrade in performance or versatility, the Parfum is a nuanced and fearlessly provocative blend.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum?

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