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Mercedes Benz Club Black review: Underrated!

Mercedes Benz Club Black is one of the most surprising cheapies I have discovered this year. After a friend sent me a sample to try, I loved it so much that I had to buy a bottle. I’d never heard of this cologne before, and now think it’s a VERY underrated designer scent. Let’s take a quick look at why I think it’s worthy of such praise!

Cologne Notes

Bergamot, incense, vanilla, benzoin, ambroxan, and woody notes.

How Does Club Black Smell?

On first spray, I can immediately pick up the vanilla accord. It’s sweet, but also dark and mysterious.

The vanilla reminds me a lot of the vanilla note in Spicebomb Extreme. That’s a massive compliment since Spicebomb is one of the greatest designer scents ever.


Accompanying the vanilla are ambery-booze and smoky qualities, which come from the benzoin and incense respectively. They aren’t overpowering and lend themselves to the commanding and masculine vibes this cologne evokes.

Bergamot is also listed as a note. I can only faintly smell it here. It’s providing subtle juicy citrus, airiness and balance to the other notes above. However, it disappears pretty quickly.

As Club Black dries on skin, I notice a small change. The amber, booze, and smoky elements slightly subside, making way for the underlying woody notes. The vanilla is still there and amped up further by ambroxan.

Overall, Mercedes Benz Club Black is appealing from beginning to end. It starts with vanilla, incense, and booze-like qualities, ending with an inviting vanilla and woody composition.

Smoky incense

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Projection and Longevity

Club Black has moderate projection, about 2-3 feet from the wearer for the first few hours. After that, it slowly tapers itself back to a skin scent over another 2 hours. Additionally, I’ve found this lasts a total of 8 hours on my skin, and even more when it’s colder.

Occasions and Versatility

Mercedes Benz Club Black is undoubtedly a cooler weather scent. The composition is too dense to wear in heat, and there are better options for those scenarios anyway. Furthermore, it’s brilliant for formal or special events, and is similarly fantastic for clubbing or bar hopping. The maturity coming from the incense will make this appeal best to men in their mid-20’s and above.

Mercedes Benz Club Black has received a lot of love in the fragrance community. Check out what this reviewer has to say about it:

Mercedes-Benz Club Black is exactly what the notes describe: a vanilla BOMB with a dark, semi-sweet base to keep it from entering unisex territory. I love vanilla but it’s hard to find a fragrance with vanilla as the dominant note that also leans masculine. That is part of what makes this one a must-buy.

Mercedes Benz Club Black is an Uncovered Gem

Updated: I have no idea why it took me so long to discover this designer superstar, but I’m glad I have. Mercedes Benz Club Black is a delectable, commanding, and masculine cologne which smells high-quality for the price you pay.

If you or your significant other enjoy vanilla, don’t think twice, and put this one at the top of your wish list. It’s very affordable and widely available at discounters and department stores.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on Mercedes Benz Club Black?

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