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Mancera Red Tobacco Review: It’s a BEAST (Seriously)

Mancera Red Tobacco is a fragrance for men launched in 2017. It’s gained notoriety as one of Mancera’s strongest colognes since it was released. Therefore, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to give it a test drive. After sampling, I can confirm that all claims about its likeability and potency are true. Read on and I’ll provide more detail.

Mancera Red Tobacco smells like sweet, dry tobacco with creamy and woody nuances

Firstly, Red Tobacco contains notes of cinnamon, oud, incense, apple, patchouli, tobacco, vanilla, amber, and woods.

The scent begins with an eruption of oud and incense. This uncommon opening duo smells intense, a compelling coalescence of woods and smoke.

Opening with smoky incense

Apple is also present, injecting some initial freshness and balance. However, don’t get the wrong idea. This isn’t a fruity scent, unlike other Mancera creations Cedrat Boise and Instant Crush.

Cinnamon is also apparent, seated just behind. It contributes a warm spirited kick, adding a spicy dimension to the opening mixture.

Some spicy cinnamon

Once the early vigour settles, a few changes happen:

  • The marquee tobacco emerges, filling the dry smoky void left by the waning incense. However it’s gentler and only projects softly. It arrives much earlier than expected given it’s listed as a base note; and
  • Patchouli supports the tobacco with an earthy, masculine subtlety.
Tobacco arrives in the mid

Three final notes appear once Red Tobacco fully dries down. A pairing of amber and sandalwood arise, reinforcing the composition with a creamy, powdery backbone. Vanilla supports them by adding a tinge of its trademark sweetness.

In summary, Mancera Red Tobacco opens with a powerful smoky oud combination, supported by spicy and fresh nuances. Light, earthy tobacco becomes the primary actor once the scent settles. Then, further elements arrive that enhance the tobacco with cozy depth.

Red Tobacco is nicknamed the Red Beast for good reason. It’s a dense, dark elixir that oozes daring masculinity. Although it smells muscular and almost unyielding at the outset, it does mature and temper nicely over time.

Maybe there is some sweet pipe tobacco in the blend, but there’s also patchouli, oud, vanilla, fruit and spices and the notes blend together into a very warm, comforting scent. I look forward to wearing it on chilly evenings, but out of respect for my neighbors I’m going to keep the number of sprays down to one, or two at the most.

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This scent is STRONG

Red Tobacco’s performance is utterly enormous.

Specifically, I’ve discovered it projects heavily from skin for the first 6 hours, before settling closer for a further 12. Therefore, expect about 18 hours of total longevity. Yeah, you read that right, and I’m being conservative.

Side note: This may be the strongest cologne I’ve reviewed yet. That includes the powerful Dior Sauvage Elixir, whose performance is exceptional in its own right.

Suited to cooler weather and evenings

Unsurprisingly, the range of Red Tobacco is narrower than its Mancera counterparts. Nevertheless, there’s some situations where it shines bright.

man who wears mancera red tobacco
Wear Red Tobacco during cold weather and night-time

It performs impressively when clubbing or attending any evening social event. A strong yet comforting spirit is perpetuated that’ll draw attention from every corner of the room. Also, apply two sprays on a date if making a bold impression is your goal.

Yet, you must limit its seasonal use. Winter and cooler Autumn and Spring days will work best. It cuts through the chilly air, dispersing an intoxicating scent trail.

In Conclusion – Mancera Red Tobacco

mancera red tobacco

Mancera Red Tobacco has lived up to expectations. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more.

The fearless oud and incense opening takes no prisoners – but be patient and the mellow depth will manifest. The light earthy tobacco then becomes the centrepiece around which sweet, woody, and creamy elements mingle.

I enjoyed taming this red beast and I’m sure you will too.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Mancera Red Tobacco?

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