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Tom Ford Lost Cherry Review: It Has ONE Issue

Tom Ford Lost Cherry is a unisex fragrance that launched in 2018. It’s garnered widespread attention because of its delectable and seductive interpretation of cherry. Despite the love, some sceptics aren’t totally convinced. Specifically, there’s one huge performance problem you must be aware of. Read on and I’ll explain.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry smells like realistic and darkly rich cherries

Tom Ford Lost Cherry contains notes of cherry, liquor, almond, tonka, vanilla, and sandalwood.

On first spray, the marquee note greets me immediately. The cherry smells tart, syrup-like and intense, an authentic display of this red fruit.

Cherries are present throughout

A decadent liquor accord disperses in parallel. This booziness infuses the cherry with a bright, luscious sweetness.

I also smell almond at this initial stage. However, it doesn’t possess the strength of the earlier pairing. Nevertheless, it evokes a nutty-creaminess, and a soft backbone the other notes rest upon.

Whenever cherries and almonds come together, I’m in. This duo has a knack for smelling alluring and balanced. Accordingly, you must also try Guerlain L’Homme Ideal EDP if you enjoy this combo.

Creamy almond

It only takes 10 minutes for the scent to develop. I notice changes once it does:

  • The lively liquor starts withdrawing. Additionally, the initial energy of the cherry tapers. It turns darker and induces a brooding, rich aura; and
  • Quiet tonka bean is introduced. Its emergence is timely, replacing the now-faded boozy sweetness. Furthermore, the tonka’s nutty texture complements the almond undertone well.

Eventually, vanilla and woods appear once the scent dries. Vanilla supports the tonka with a warm yet faint sweetness. Simultaneously, shades of sandalwood bring grounded composure to the mix.

Sweet vanilla in the base

Unsurprisingly, cherry is the star from beginning to end. It opens vibrantly, backed by a yummy assortment of notes. Then it darkens, supported by deeper accords that advance its exquisite mission.

Lastly, this luxe velvety goodness smells entirely unisex. Thus, blokes hunting for a brazenly masculine elixir should look elsewhere.

See what this reviewer had to say:

A sharp cherry in the opening but it settles down and couples with an almond note and subtle spices. It’s very sweet, but not linear. Pretty complex and an amazing cherry fragrance that doesn’t come across as a car freshener like other cherry frags. It’s simply gorgeous. Lasts longer on clothes than skin.

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The ONE Problem

Now pivoting to the bad news.

Let’s not beat around the bush any longer. The performance of Tom Ford Lost Cherry sucks.

Anecdotally, I’ve discovered it projects mildly from skin for the first hour. Then, it sits much closer for another 2. Therefore, expect a maximum of 3 hours of longevity. For comparison’s sake, D&G The One lasts similarly.

Although I acknowledge there’s some justification for this subtlety. In abundance, the cherry-richness would run the risk of repelling those around you. The experience of Lost Cherry is about drawing others closer – not the opposite.

Not for casual wear

Tom Ford Lost Cherry isn’t a casual fragrance. Its luxurious feel applies to occasions where you’re determined to make lasting impressions.

tom ford lost cherry cocktail party
Fantastic for cocktail parties

Therefore, it’s best worn to dates and special events, especially in the evening. Think – cocktail parties, wedding receptions, etc. In that sense it’s akin to Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait.

In Summary – Tom Ford Lost Cherry

tom ford lost cherry

Tom Ford Lost Cherry totally embodies its namesake. This cherry composition smells unapologetically sensual, deftly united with dense accords that express polished, swanky spirit.

Although lackluster performance will be a sore point for some, don’t be disheartened.

This is a visceral, tempting interpretation of cherry that works wonders when presenting your best self after hours.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Tom Ford Lost Cherry?

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