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Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee (Review): Best Flanker?

Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee is a cologne for men released in 2022. The Gentleman line of fragrances has done wonders for Givenchy, and this flanker sought to continue that trend. However, I believe the smell of Reserve Privee actually surpasses its popular predecessors. Read on for my detailed take.

Reserve Privee smells like nutty iris and deep, resinous booze and woods

Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee contains iris, chestnut, bergamot, whiskey, amber, and woods.

Reserve Privee opens with an iris accord on first spray. It smells lightly powdery and smooth, likened to a quieter version of iris from Dior Homme Intense.

A chestnut note appears right alongside. When combined with iris, it infuses sweetness and a roasted, nutty texture.

Roasted chestnut

Bergamot is also present, underpinning that duo with citrus-like freshness. Although it’s officially listed as the only opening note, in reality its role is minor.

After 20 minutes the uplifting citrus fades, replaced with a sparkling whiskey accord. This boozy element seeps within the mixture, occasionally offering liquor-like whiffs throughout.


Lastly, the dry down brings about two further ingredients:

  • Amber – disperses a warm, sensual aspect sprinkled with delicate sweetness; and
  • Woods – producing a deep, reassuring foundation underneath all other accords.

In summary, Gentleman Reserve Privee smells like comforting iris and chestnut, enlivened by a fresh citrus accord. Then it develops boozier, before settling down into dark, resinous woods.

Reserve Privee exudes a captivating, warm feel that somewhat drifts from its equally stylish siblings. However, fans of Givenchy Gentleman EDP will discover many similarities here – sans the prominent powdery and vanilla elements.

Opens with a beautiful blend of fantasy iris, roasted chestnut and tame whiskey. The feeling is powdery, boozy and nutty. The dry down brings out the woods and amber to give a resinous feel. The boozy accord fades, but the iris shines through. The fragrance feels like a boozy version of Dior Homme Intense and is beautiful in cold weather. A great success and well worth the purchase.

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Performs respectably

Reserve Privee performs modestly, similar to most Givenchy colognes.

In detail, it projects moderately from skin for the first 2 hours. Then it lasts for 6 more once it dries down closer. Therefore, expect a total of 8 hours lasting power.

Givenchy crafted the performance right here. This cologne doesn’t boastfully announce itself, although it does linger for a while. 

A cold weather concoction

Reserve Privee is tailored to chilly conditions. In those wintry temperatures, it’s wearable in a range of situations.

Strongly consider this scent for coffee or intimate evening dates. Additionally, Reserve Privee always maintains a dignity which grants it safety for the office. In that sense it’s comparable to Valentino Uomo Intense.

man who wears givenchy gentleman reserve privee
A perfect occasion for Reserve Privee

Furthermore, I enjoy wearing this to after-dark events and cocktail evenings, due to the luxe iris and whiskey.

In Conclusion – Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee

givenchy gentleman reserve privee

Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee might be the best Gentleman flanker yet.

It drives the acclaimed DNA in a boozy, nutty direction. These two additions provide a full-bodied energy that past instalments lack. However, its newfound allure never compromises on elegance – what the line is ultimately renowned for.

If you’re intrigued by the Gentleman line, this is where you must start.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Givenchy Gentleman Reserve Privee?

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