About Us


Jake is an Australian collector and reviewer of men’s colognes. His interest in smelling good started decades ago with basic deodorants from the supermarket. Over time, his interest in scents has evolved and expanded.

His mission for BestCologneForMen.com is to share his acquired knowledge of the best cologne available around the world. There are thousands of fragrances on the market and buying a great scent can be both challenging and confusing.

Furthermore, cologne is a commonly overlooked part of a man’s overall image. If you get it right, a quality fragrance can distinguish you from the rest.

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John Ibrahim

John is a fragrance connoisseur and has a nose for scents that are bold, masculine and possess character.

Aside from his interest in fragrances, John works professionally as a Physiotherapist and as a dance music artist.

Despite his busy schedule, he values both looking and smelling great, particularly for himself and those around him.

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