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Parfums de Marly Althair (Review) – Warm and Inviting

Parfums de Marly Althair is a men’s cologne released in 2023. It’s described as a warm, spicy vanilla scent that continues the brand’s trend of releasing pleasant, designer-like aromas. Since launch, I’ve received tons of queries about my opinion. Thus, I got my nose on it and have been testing Althair for the last few weeks. Finally, I’m ready to give my honest thoughts.

What does Parfums de Marly Althair smell like?

Althair contains cardamom, cinnamon, orange blossom, bourbon vanilla, elemi, musk, guaiac wood, and praline.

Firstly, it opens with a warm spicy wave. It comes from the cardamom and cinnamon, of which both impressively remain smooth and never overpowering.

Warm spicy cardamom

There’s also a touch of freshness dancing behind, pulsing from bergamot and orange blossom. The orange blossom in particular exudes an orangey, solar sweet feel. Perfectly reflected in the colour of the bottle.

Fans of Mercedes Benz Club Black will notice some immediately similarities, especially with the warmth and sweet notes.

More accords emerge as the scent develops:

  • Bourbon vanilla enters the fray, bringing about a rich sweet vanillic smell; and
  • Elemi also emerges, setting an alluring and resinous element similar to amber.

Lastly, Althair’s dry down contains more cozy elements. Fuzzy musk and guaiac woods lay a comforting foundation underneath, evoking a creamy, woody texture.

Sugared praline

Additionally there’s a faint trail of sugared praline, producing slightly more sweetness.

In summary, Parfums de Marly Althair smells like warm spices and some freshness. Then it transitions seamlessly to rich vanilla and resinous accords. Finally, an attractive trio of musk, woods and praline expands underneath.

Althair is safe and inviting, yet only a minor upgrade on wintery designer options on the market. Consequently, it also lacks uniqueness and inspiration you’d often expect from a niche fragrance. However I acknowledge that will actually be an advantage for those who prefer to stick to moderate, mass-appealing juice.

Check out the comments from this reviewer:

Smooth creamy vanilla, a hint of cinnamon, touch of bergamot, and then ambroxan and musk round this puppy out. It’s pleasing, and I look forward to seeing how others react. (And people who like vanilla may well love this.) But don’t expect to be blown away.

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Moderate performance

Although inferior to other PDM colognes like Carlisle, Althair still lasts and projects to a respectable degree.

Specifically, Althair pulses moderately off skin for the first 3 hours. Afterwards, it settles down, becoming a skin scent for another 6. Therefore, I get about 9 hours of total lasting power.

Although it doesn’t project strongly it does tend to linger on skin for quite a while.

A cozy winter concoction

This is a bona fide cozy, comforting elixir. Therefore, it’s no surprise it does its best work in the winter and the cooler months.

man who wears parfums de marly althair
Cozy and intimate

Some even contend that the initial fresh hues make it suitable for moderate climates. And honestly, I agree.

I suggest you wear it during casual occasions, indoor romantic dates, or social events with family and friends. It has a charming festive vibe, akin to Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

In Conclusion – Parfums de Marly Althair

parfums de marly althair

To conclude, Parfums de Marly Althair is a sweet and magnetic cologne that’s a foolproof when the temperatures drop. The bottle shade perfectly captures the warm essence of the juice within.

However, it isn’t groundbreaking and lacks the attitude I’ve been craving in a PDM release.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy sexy and inviting elixirs you’ll have plenty to relish here.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Parfums de Marly Althair?

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