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Prada Luna Rossa Ocean: Is It Any Good? [Reviewed]

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean is a 2021 cologne release from designer brand Prada. Ocean is the latest release in the Luna Rossa line – fragrances renowned for classy and fresh character. I’ve been wanting to try Ocean for a while and I finally got my hands on it. After recent testing, I’ve formed my final opinion on how good this release really is.

What does Prada Luna Rossa Ocean smell like?

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean contains notes of bergamot, pink pepper, artemisia, lavender, iris, musk, patchouli, and caramel.

When first sprayed on skin, you’ll smell an aroma that’s fresh, herbaceous, and slightly spicy.

Immediately, the freshness comes from the bergamot. Admittedly, this is a typical opening note across the Luna Rossa line, and provides an uplifting, citrusy brightness.

Fresh bergamot

Secondly, I notice some spiciness coming from the pink pepper. It’s not overwhelming but the pepper’s trademark sharpness to the nose softly announces itself from the background.

Next comes something quite intriguing.

I notice a unique artemisia aroma in the opening. Artemisia is a rare inclusion in men’s fragrances – but here, I compare its herbal smell to bitter berries with added muskiness.

Herbal artemisia

As Luna Rossa Ocean starts to develop after 30 minutes, some changes happen:

  • The citrusy bergamot freshness starts to recede
  • Simultaneously, lavender and iris appear. The lavender adds distinctive aromatic quality, whilst the iris contributes sweet powderiness. However, neither note is overpowering and are balanced smoothly with the existing accords.

Once Luna Rossa Ocean dries on skin, the scent becomes quite musky. Surprisingly, I can smell occasional whiffs of a sweet caramel accord coming through. The caramel is unexpected, yet somehow…it just works. Lastly there’s some ‘greeness’ which could be the herbs or patchouli. However, it’s too faint to conclusively say.

Sweet, musky caramel

In summary, Prada Luna Rossa Ocean opens as a fresh spicy and herbaceous blend. Then, it develops into an aromatic composition of artemisia, lavender, and iris. Finally, it dries down into a sweet musky aroma.

Overall, the scent profile isn’t revolutionary. Nevertheless, it smells clean, mature and sophisticated throughout.

Here’s my quick youtube review on Ocean:

Check this reviewer’s thoughts on Luna Rossa Ocean:

I hate blue fragrances, majorly, but this is actually very good? Like?? I’m really surprised that I enjoy it this much. It’s musky and powdery for sure with the lavender and this bright freshness is there as well. It feels like it could definitely be a full year scent too, not just spring and summer.

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What’s the performance like?

I evaluate the performance of Prada Luna Rossa Carbon as moderate.

From my testing, Luna Rossa Carbon projects out by 2 feet from skin for the first 90 minutes. Afterwards, it becomes a skin scent and lasts for 6 hours more. However, I get very mild whiffs of the musky caramel dry down for up to 12 hours later.

Is it versatile?

Yes! Prada Luna Rossa Ocean is pretty versatile.

Whilst it’s not a typical ‘blue’ fragrance, Luna Rossa Ocean is applicable in about as many scenarios. Specifically, this will appeal for the workplace and widespread casual use, particularly during warmer months.

Ocean works great in casual, warm situations

If you’re not sure what to wear and just want to smell good? Ocean is a suitable easy reach scent to fill that need.

Furthermore, this is a cologne for men in their early 20’s and above. That’s because the herbaceous elements evoke slightly more mature vibes. If you’re a younger guy, you’ll find Versace Dylan Blue similar but more wearable.

In summary – Prada Luna Rossa Ocean

prada luna rossa ocean

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean is an enjoyable flanker in the Luna Rossa line of colognes.

It features citrus, spices, and florals, with a satisfying herbaceous element to boot. The musky caramel dry down is an unexpected touch, too.

This is another fresh and refined offering from Prada that will get the job done across various situations. If you enjoy the brand’s other offerings, getting your nose on Ocean is a no brainer.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Prada Luna Rossa Ocean?

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