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Bentley for Men Absolute (Review) – WAY Underrated

Bentley for Men Absolute is a men’s cologne released in 2014. It’s a woody fragrance conceived as a deeper, darker take on past Bentley releases. I first sampled Absolute years ago and loved it. Surprisingly, I discovered later that it gets barely any attention. I suspect that’s because of the tremendous hype its sibling Bentley for Men Intense receives. Although make no mistake, this juice smells just as good. Let me explain.

What does Bentley for Men Absolute smell like?

Firstly let’s go over the notes. Bentley for Men Absolute contains pink pepper, ginger, cedarwood, olibanum, sandalwood, oud, and amber.

The cologne opens with a pop of pink pepper and ginger. The briskness of their smell is akin to a sparkling glass of hard liquor. Nevertheless, there’s actually no booze here at all – unlike its aforementioned boozy relative Bentley for Men Intense.

Spicy pink pepper

Very soon afterwards the woods make their appearance. Woods are typically base notes but Absolute has rewritten the rules – rich cedarwood emerges straight for the start. Its aroma is curiously (and satisfyingly) comparable to pencil shavings. You know that iconic waxy, woody smell from your school days?

Next, changes occur as the scent develops:

  • The opening spiciness smolders and settles down; and
  • Olibanum and sandalwood accords rise. They combine to give off a smooth, soft incense vibe that rounds out the rich woods.
oud accord
Soft, dark woody oud

Finally, the dry down phase takes place. Oud and amber emerge, providing sweet, brooding woody touches. The oud is neat and sensible, always displaying a composed presence.

In summary, Bentley for Men Absolute smells like a spicy and dry, woody aroma. Then it becomes resinous and smokier over time – whilst keeping a smooth temperament throughout.

Don’t be misled by the heavy notes, the peppy opening prevents the scent from ever becoming too hefty. However, the aroma does exude a darkly smooth masculine essence – reflective of the design of the bottle. In that sense, fans of Bvlgari Man In Black will find many similarities.

Check out the comments from this reviewer:

Bentley for men Absolute deserves the good reputation in the fragcom. It’s not so easy to find a fragrance with this personality for a cheap price. The blend is a mix of pepper, ginger, amber, sandalwood and incense. Dark, resinous and smokey, it’s very masculine and you need the right confidence to wear it.

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How does it perform on skin?

At this price point the performance punches well above its weight.

Specifically, Bentley for Men Absolute projects moderately off skin for about 2 hours. Then it dries closer, and I smell occasional minor whiffs for another 7. Therefore, expect around 9 hours of total lasting power.

5 sprays is all you need to get those kinds of numbers. Nevertheless, don’t feel shy about pumping some more. I’ve never found this to be overbearing.

Versatile in cooler conditions

Bentley for Men Absolute is your perfect winter companion.

Wear this cologne on cooler days in the office, out for drinks with friends, or dinner dates. It has a very classy, masculine spirit that’s appropriate in those settings. However, I wouldn’t dress this one down, since it doesn’t smell the slightest bit casual.

man who wears bentley for men absolute
Absolute should be dressed up

Additionally, it’s too dark and deep to spray in the summer and warmer months. Bentley for Men Silverlake is a much better option when the temperature soars.

In Summary – Bentley for Men Absolute

bentley for men absolute

Bentley has knocked it out of the park yet again. They’ve made an impressive habit of creating affordable bangers.

Absolute is manly and sophisticated, leaning into spices, assorted woods, and resinous undertones. Although it starts lively, it mellows fast – settling into something that smells composed yet intense.

Furthermore, it’s a top shelf selection for winter with respectable performance for the price.

If you like your juice brooding and masculine add this to your list right now.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Bentley for Men Absolute?

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