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Tom Ford Colognes – The Best 5 Revealed [Listed]

Tom Ford Colognes are some of the most popular fragrances available for men. They’re recognized by their distinctive bottles and the confident, striking scents contained within. As the proud owner of several Tom Ford colognes, I’ve put together a list of 5 top scents from the brand. Counting down from number 5, let’s reveal my current favourites!

5. Oud Wood

tom ford oud wood

The first entry on this list is Tom Ford’s most woody offering, Tom Ford Oud Wood.

It’s hard to believe Oud Wood has been out for over 15 years, yet still evokes such modern, masculine energy. But not the type tailored for obnoxious blokes, oh hell no – Oud Wood is reserved for enigmatic gentlemen only.

Blended with warm cardamom, spices, sweetness, and creamy sandalwood, this fragrance smells intoxicating and highly competent. With an oud note that dominates throughout, I strongly encourage wearing this in moderate and cool temperatures. Check out my full review for further detail.

It’s a soft, creamy oud, heavy on amber, and sweetened with a bit of vanilla. What drives me bonkers about Oud Wood is the use of cardamom. How did Tom Ford know that cardamom is my weakness, lol?!

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4. Noir Extreme

Next up is the dark, mysterious, gourmand men’s fragrance, Tom Ford Noir Extreme.

Noir Extreme is a flanker of Tom Ford Noir yet smells entirely different to the original. Featuring accords such as warm spices, kulfi (Indian dessert), vanilla, amber, and woods, you can see why it’s considered a provocatively delectable aroma.

I like wearing this for dates and intimate occasions, when getting close and personal is a distinct possibility. Furthermore, I prefer applying Noir Extreme when it’s cooler, too. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out my assessment here.

If there is 1 Million, then TF Noir Extreme should be called 1 Billion. Richness in a bottle! It is the noble, mesmerizing, hypnotic sweetness. And with all this, it’s absolutely not screaming and not intrusive. You really feel yourself like a billion bucks wearing it. IMHO the best winter sweet fragrance period. The King of Kings. 11/10.

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3. Tom Ford Beau de Jour

Released in 2020, Beau de Jour is an aromatic fragrance for men. It’s frequently cited as a contemporary, modern take on old school barbershop fragrances given its focus on lavender. However, there’s a lot more going on here too, thanks to the geranium, herbs, patchouli, and amber.

Beau de Jour is bright and energetic, balanced against smooth and classy sensibilities. I recommend this one to smartly dressed, mature men only. Due to its highly aromatic nature, Beau de Jour is anything but juvenile. You can take a deeper look at my thoughts on it here.

I’m not manly enough to wear this scent but GOOD GOD does it smell good. Wet grass, forest herbs, amber and a little bit of dirt. It’s deep and rich, but also refreshing. It makes me want to shave, put on a suit and go to work.

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2. Tom Ford Ombre Leather

The smooth leather superstar, Tom Ford Ombre Leather, has captured the penultimate position on my Tom Ford colognes list.

Although an authentic leather note is the biggest player here, it’s the supporting cast that completes it – including warm spicy cardamom, floral jasmine, deep amber, and earthy moss. Furthermore, the way these accords have been blended feels fashionable and composed.

However, much like the newest flanker, Ombre Leather Parfum, Ombre Leather feels both rugged and simultaneously refined. As applicable to a bearded bloke in a leather jacket as a clean cut man in a suit. I’ve written more about it in this post here.

Ombre Leather opened my eyes to the beauty of leather fragrances. This is such a sophisticated and sexy men’s fragrance. The cardamom, jasmine, leather and patchouli exist in perfect harmony. Really excellent.

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1. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

The fragrance taking the top spot shouldn’t be a surprise – the warm spicy, sweet, tobacco scent Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

This fragrance reminds me of a freshly brewed chai latte, accompanied by the aroma of dried tobacco leaf. When you add in vanilla, cacao, dried fruits, and woods? Come on, that just isn’t fair.

When I picture winter time, and special gatherings with loved ones, this composition is what I envisage. Tobacco Vanille is warm and comforting, yet has an undeniable luxurious elegance about it. A worthy and deserving champion in the top spot on this list. My review goes into finer detail.

Tobacco Vanille is the quintessential winter night out scent for people looking to create a classy, confident and sexy impression for themselves. It is alluringly loud and warm, which can be attributed to its intersection of balanced sweetness with indulgent vanillic creaminess. Give it a go if you’re into gourmands! 9.5/10

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In Conclusion

There you have it gents. 5 of my favourite Tom Ford colognes available on the market right now. Each of them is special in their own way, rating consistently high amongst fragrance lovers worldwide. This list is subject to change, of course, as Tom Ford releases new colognes and my own tastes evolve. But for now, this is the definitive top 5.

I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below what you think of my top 5 Tom Ford colognes?

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