Top 5 Prada Cologne for Men [Listed]

Prada is a renowned designer house that crafts classy, versatile colognes. In today’s article I’ll reveal my favourite 5 Prada cologne, working down to the best at number 1. I’ve spent plenty of time smelling and wearing each of these over the years. Below you’ll find quick summaries on each so you can consider which scents resonate strongest with you.

First, an Honourable Mention

  • Prada Luna Rossa Ocean – a refreshing aroma consisting of aromatics, musk, and herbaceous qualities. It’s a recent release that I reviewed here.

5. Prada Luna Rossa

Now let’s start the top 5 countdown with the original Prada Luna Rossa.

I’d best describe the OG Prada Luna Rossa as an aromatic, citrus-type scent.

In detail, I detect accords of lavender, mint, orange, sage, musk and ambroxan.

The lavender, mint and musk provide classy character; whilst the orange, sage and ambroxan introduce a punch of freshness.

Prada Luna Rossa gets the balance just right. It’s a clever combination to draw curious romantic interests to you. Therefore, it’s appropriate for date night, although it’s equally wearable in casual settings too.

Prada Luna Rossa is a modern and captivating take on classic masculine colognes. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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4. Prada L’Homme

Prada L’Homme is the next inclusion on my best Prada cologne list.

If I had to describe L’Homme in a few words? Clean, classy and soapy.

prada cologne number 4

To explain, L’Homme is a composition of iris, neroli, amber, cedar, patchouli, and geranium. The masculine, clean iris note is the primary accord you’ll instantly recognise when you smell this composition.

This cologne is best utilised as an office fragrance. It’s totally inoffensive and will distinguish you apart from all other blokes.

Furthermore, the smooth and soapy facets will linger on your skin all day.

Prada L’Homme also possesses an attractive level of versatility. It’s an easy reach on both cool and warmer days. A solid all-rounder when factoring the affordable price.

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3. Prada Luna Rossa Black

Coming in at number #3 is Prada Luna Rossa Black, a flanker of the original Prada Luna Rossa.

Prada Luna Rossa Black is an improvement over the original. Quite a rarity for that to occur, but here we are.

prada cologne number 3

Prominent notes include amber, tonka, bergamot, patchouli and musk.

Black carries a freshness, but that’s just the beginning. It progresses into a darker, subtly sweet and sophisticated aroma. For a scent that doesn’t have a lot of notes, it evokes depth and sensuality.

Furthermore, it’s most suitable as a night time formal and intimate scent.

Frankly, this one also projects pretty big fuckboy vibes.

If you’re looking for something provocative which is crowd-pleasing yet intimate, check it out.

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2. Prada L’Homme Intense

Prada L’Homme Intense takes the #2 spot on my list of Prada Cologne for men.

Before you say it – yep, this is another flanker. They just can’t help themselves with these phenomenal flankers.

prada cologne number 2

When I spray on this scent, I pick up accords of iris, tonka, leather, amber, patchouli and sandalwood.

There’s no doubt that the iris note is the main ingredient here. But it’s more than that.

Although clean and professional, there’s alluring elements here too. The tonka, amber and leather give L’Homme Intense a provocative edge over the original.

It’s suitable for dates, however the clean floral construction gives it suitability for the office too. Just don’t overspray!

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My Number 1 – Prada Luna Rossa Carbon

Coming in at #1 is my favourite Prada cologne for men – Prada Luna Rossa Carbon.

Without a doubt Prada Luna Rossa Carbon is the best fragrance in the Prada Luna Rossa range. It’s also one of the best from Prada overall.

prada cologne number 1

In Carbon, I pick up notes of ambroxan, lavender, pepper, bergamot, water notes and patchouli.

It smells distinctly fresh, yet spicy. That’s due to the combination of citruses, watery notes and pepper. However, the fragrance also features a mature depth due to ambroxan and prominent lavender throughout.

Because of the ambroxan, bergamot and pepper, many compare this fragrance to Dior Sauvage.

I smell the resemblance, but Carbon is classier and less worn by men. In summary, I would describe Carbon as the ‘older brother’ of Sauvage.

Whilst versatile and safe, Carbon still has a sexy, modern, and refreshing edge. Having many strengths, I couldn’t deny ranking this fragrance my #1 Prada cologne for men this year.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on my list of best Prada cologne for men?

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