Is Mont Blanc Explorer Worth Buying? [Update]

Explorer is a 2019 cologne release from the designer brand Mont Blanc. The fragrance is a woody aromatic scent for men. It’s also known as a modern take on the ever-popular and expensive niche fragrance Creed Aventus. Is Explorer worth a purchase this year? Let’s find out!

Cologne Notes

The main notes in this cologne include bergamot, pink pepper, sage, woody notes and leather.

How Does Mont Blanc Explorer Smell?

When I first spray Explorer on my skin, I can immediately smell the fresh citrusy bergamot. After this, I pick up the woody notes scattered in there, in addition to a smooth supple leather accord.


The pink pepper and sage make themselves known a little while afterwards and they add to the complexity and maturity of the scent.

The dry down on this cologne is quite nice. More of the woody notes become prominent and I also pick up a musky note. The citrus slowly disappears and the cologne evolves into something different.

Woody notes

Although not listed in the notes, I can also smell ambroxan in here. Ambroxan is one of my top 3 favourite notes in men’s cologne and is the star player in Dior Sauvage EDP.

Although definitely not a clone, Montblanc Explorer does remind me of Creed Aventus in the opening. The woody and citrus notes are similar, but it completely changes into something else when it dries down.

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Mont Blanc Explorer comes in Eau de Parfum (EDP) concentration and can be purchased in three different sizes, which I appreciate.

Longevity and Projection

The performance is pretty respectable. I see Explorer as more of a refined, mature, and adventurous scent. It’s not supposed to be a bold statement piece.

For me, it lasts between 3-4 hours before it mellows into a skin scent. Reapply after that time and you’re good to go.

Occasions and Versatility

Explorer is supremely versatile. A cologne of this type if what I like to call an ‘easy reach’. If you’re leaving the house for any reason and want to smell good, you can put this scent on and feel confident. Consequently, it will fill whatever need you have.

My best wearings of this fragrance come on cool sunny days. Furthermore, warm sunny days and nights it works well too. It’s office safe and appealing enough for casual events and dates alike.

Have a look at what this reviewer thinks of Explorer:

Brilliant clone of Aventus. I personally don’t think Aventus is worth the hype whereas Explorer does the same job for a fraction of the price. A good daytime fragrance with a familiar smell that everyone else seems to love. I’d say give this a purchase if you don’t want to fork out full price for Creed. It’s a good starter fragrance and works for all ages and any occasion.

Should You Buy Mont Blanc Explorer This Year?

mont blanc explorer image

Update: The answer to this question is yes. Mont Blanc Explorer is a modern twist on the classic Creed Aventus and surprisingly holds its own against Aventus for around 1/5th of the price. Now that’s what I call value.

Although the bergamot and woody notes are key players, they are supported by sprinklings of pepper, leather, sage and ambroxan.

These extra notes really give it a masculine, complex and adventurous edge.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on Mont Blanc Explorer?

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