Spicebomb review: How Does It Smell?

Years ago Spicebomb was released by the creative masterminds at Viktor & Rolf.  Since its inception, Spicebomb has become a beloved men’s fragrance, characterised by an (unsurprisingly) spicy aroma. Recently somebody asked me for my honest thoughts on this cologne. Read on for my opinion on its smell, performance, and versatility!

Spicebomb smells spicy, dry, and uplifting

Spicebomb is a warm spicy cologne that contains notes of pepper, bergamot, grapefruit, cinnamon, saffron, tobacco, and leather.

When sprayed on skin I notice a punchy opening pepper note immediately. It smells warm and robust, resonating strongly and smoothly. Sometimes pepper can be implemented in a way that smells sharp and crude – that isn’t the case here.

Warm pepper in the opening

Projecting alongside the spice is a bergamot and grapefruit duo. This citrus-like combination adds a bright lushness, bringing balance to the punchy pepper.

After about 15 minutes, two further accords come into the fold:

  • Cinnamon – it complements the pepper by adding further spice that smells sweet and cozy; and
  • Saffron – this floral note contributes an uplifting energy, with some soft leather and earthy undertones.
Sweet, comforting cinnamon

The progression of Spicebomb sees withdrawal of the pepper, bergamot, and grapefruit accords. A prominent cinnamon spiciness endures, as does saffron. However, they now interact with emerging tobacco and leather notes.

The tobacco is one of the stars of Spicebomb. It smells realistic, like dry pipe tobacco dispersed across a slab of freshly cut wood. Furthermore, it projects an effortlessly masculine aura that’s always mellow and never heavy. Therefore, I’m not surprised this accord was replicated in Spicebomb Extreme.

Dry masculine tobacco in the base

Leather is noticeable; and takes no issue with its secondary role. It integrates cleverly with saffron, emanating a mildly supple element in the background.

Have a look at this reviewer’s comments:

Spicebomb for men by Viktor&Rolf is a sweet, spicy smelling grenade of goodness! This one definitely has the Cinnamon, light Tobacco, Pink Pepper, and various other spices. It does not come off harsh or dark but smells great. It is well blended. I think young and old can pull this off.


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It features moderate performance

The consensus online suggests that Spicebomb features strong, beast level performance. However, I can’t say my experience has been the same. Nevertheless, projection and longevity are still very respectable.

To explain, this cologne projects out from skin for the first 3 hours, before settling closer for 5 more. Therefore, about 8 hours of total lasting time is what you should expect.

For comparison, Spicebomb’s projection and longevity are on par with its fragrant progeny Spicebomb Infrared.

Wearable year-round

I’m quite impressed with Spicebomb’s versatility. It’s confidently adaptable, featuring year-round range. Spicy enough for winter and after dark; spirited enough for daytime and moderate temps.

man who wears spicebomb
This guy wears Spicebomb for sure

However, I find myself reaching for this most before nights out and casual activities. Additionally, I could see this working well on a date too.

In Conclusion

Spicebomb is the perfect tone-setting precursor for all Spicebomb flankers that follow.

Unapologetically spicy, its dry nature is balanced with a likeable, lively edge.

The tobacco is a real standout for mine, resonating an intoxicating masculine aura that compels you back for more.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on the OG Spicebomb?

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