5 Christmas Colognes for Men (Ranked)

Christmas colognes are special scents. Not only do they smell incredible, they also possess a distinct cheerful, festive energy. They’re the kinds of aromas that evoke positivity and prosperity. Today, I’m showcasing 5 scents you should check out for the silly season. Let’s dive in.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

christmas colognes tobacco vanille

Kicking off this celebratory list with one of the most iconic Tom Ford colognes, Tobacco Vanille.

It’ll come as no surprise that tobacco and vanilla accords headline this one. Vanilla comes first, interlaced with moreish, spicy dried fruits. Then, tobacco leaf arrives during the dry down phase. It mingles with woods to evoke maturity and refinement.

Furthermore, this special occasion titan does a tremendous job at balancing spicy and sweet hues, moreso than almost anything I’ve witnessed.

Despite its 2007 launch, Tobacco Vanille still smells as exquisite as ever.

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Stronger With You Absolutely

stronger with you absolutely

Coming in next is one of my favourite flankers from Armani – Stronger With You Absolutely.

Absolutely drives the Stronger With You DNA in a boozier, smokier direction.

Sure, it features the same sweet vanilla, chestnut, and lavender as the original. However, this edition leans into rum and a resinous elemi facet. It’s warmer, more comforting, and more masculine than its predecessors.

Stronger With You Absolutely is an addictive option to entice your partner into snuggling up during the silly season.

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Pacific Rock Moss

pacific rock moss

For those below the equator, Christmas comes with scorching temperatures. Which means comforting cozy elixirs are totally off limits.

I’m supporting my southern hemisphere brothers with this one. Enter – Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss.

This tonic features a vibrant tart opening of smooth lemon. After, it’s joined by bracing sage, whilst mossy and gentle woods coalesce underneath.

Not only does Pacific Rock Moss smell juicy and refreshing, but it also evokes positive, uplifting energy. Exactly what you want around family and friends.

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Parfums de Marly Althair

parfums de marly althair

In penultimate spot is another niche cologne, Parfums de Marly Althair.

Althair is a charming scent, recognisable by its enticing, glowing orange bottle.

Notes of cinnamon and cardamom set the warm tone from the outset. Then, I smell rich vanilla coupled with resinous elemi. Additionally, the base accords include musk and woods, eliciting a creamy texture.

Although Althair treads familiar ground, that doesn’t make it any less delicious. The perfect elixir to experience with family over a festive feast.

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Replica By The Fireplace

christmas colognes by the fireplace

Finally, let’s finish with something smouldering and intimate. The last entry on my Christmas colognes list is Replica By The Fireplace.

Replica fragrances are renowned for inducing an aroma identical to their name. And that ethos is no different for this release.

By The Fireplace has all the smoky, woody, and balsamic notes you’d smell right beside the chimney. However, they’re balanced nicely with a sweet combination of vanilla and chestnut.

This realism reminds me of being rugged up nice and warm with loved ones on chilly days. The exact experience many end up having during the holidays.

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In Conclusion – Christmas Colognes

There you have it, 5 Christmas colognes I recommend you check out. Whilst each has its own distinct aroma, all share the same joyous and merry essence. Just what you want when celebrating with family and friends.

Enjoy your end of year celebrations and keep smelling good.

I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts about this list of Christmas colognes?

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