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Valentino Born In Roma Intense Reviewed (2024 Updated)

Valentino Born In Roma Intense is a cologne for men launched in 2023. It’s a flanker of the original Born In Roma, and has promised to steer that original scent in a deeper, more intense direction. After testing, I can confirm this new release has achieved that objective, improving upon its predecessor in a few key ways. Hang around and I’ll explain further.

Valentino Born In Roma Intense smells like sweet lavender and powdery, woody amber

Valentino Born In Roma Intense has scent profile consisting of vanilla, lavender, ginger, vetiver, amber, tonka, and musk.

Firstly, the vanilla and lavender are evident straight away. They smell like a sweet and floral coalition, with aromatic touches also present.

Aromatic lavender

Additionally, the opening possesses some sprightly energy too. It smells like ginger, providing an underlying zingy kick to the blend.

Many reviewers online believe this trio smells similar to Azzaro The Most Wanted – and despite no identical notes, I have to agree.

As the fragrance develops it starts to settle, bringing promised depth and intensity:

  • Vetiver infuses woody, masculine, and slightly earthy hues; and
  • Amber imparts a powdery texture with supporting sweetness once the vanilla starts to fade.

Once the scent fully dries down, the opening aromatic essence peels back further. A comforting musk arises, whilst intermittent sweet whiffs of that amber continue to penetrate through.

Sweet amber in the base

Also, a tonka-like woody sweetness is faintly noticeable, working alongside the amber to fill the role vacated by the initial vanilla.

In summary, Valentino Born In Roma Intense smells like warm, sweet lavender with the occasional zingy spark. Then, it transitions into a deep, sweet aura with woody and powdery traces. Overall, it takes the contemporary DNA of the original and matures it with darker attributes. The violet and mineral aspects of its older sibling are gone, pivoting to a greater focus on vanilla and amber.

The comments from this reviewer are similar to mine:

So this fragrance takes that away that sharp, mineral feeling that Born In Roma has and adds in some aromatic lavender and a tonka-vanilla combo that starts to come to life as it dries down. The drydown is in a similar vein to something like Versace Eros. I have a feeling this was made to be more of “going out” fragrance, but you can stretch it out way, way farther than this because of the mass appeal that it has.

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Improved performance

Born In Roma Intense ratchets up the performance of the OG.

Specifically, it projects moderately from skin for 3 hours, before settling closer for another 6. Therefore, expect total longevity of around 9 hours. Versace Eros Parfum is a cologne that performs very similarly to this.

The usage of deeper ingredients are the cause for increased potency and it’s a welcome improvement.

Superior versatility

Like its predecessor, Born In Roma Intense is an awesome casual and professional fragrance. Hence, it’s suitable for errand running, laid-back dates, and the office.

However, this version also goes further than its forefather. Its sexy attributes are compatible with evening events, clubbing, and intimate encounters. Honestly, there aren’t many situations where it wouldn’t work.

man who wears valentino born in roma intense
Evening suitable

In spite of that, there is a downside. The sweet aspects make it unwise spraying during Summer. Although any other season poses no issue.

In Conclusion – Valentino Born In Roma Intense

valentino born in roma intense

To conclude, Valentino Born In Roma Intense is a surprising upgrade, manifesting a deeper, amber fougère essence that the OG missed. However, this flanker continues to evoke the same competent character that made the original so special.

Also, there’s noticeable performance enhancements in this edition, caused by a greater intensity of ingredients.

I thought the original couldn’t be topped, but I was wrong. This one’s real good.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Valentino Born in Roma Intense?

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