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Dior Homme Cologne reviewed for 2024 [Updated]

Dior Homme Cologne is a 2013 men’s fragrance release from the designer brand Dior. After testing the scent in a department store, I decided to buy a bottle for myself. I’ve worn it many times lately so I’m pretty keen to let you in on my full thoughts.

Cologne Notes

Bergamot, Grapefruit Blossom, and Musk.

How Does Dior Homme Cologne Smell?

When first sprayed on skin, I can immediately smell the citrusy bergamot accord. This reminds me of the aroma of freshly cut bergamot with hints of lemon. However, I must note that it never comes across as sour or potent. It smells bright and energetic, whilst maintaining a sense of smooth elegance.


The grapefruit blossom presents itself soon thereafter. To my nose, it adds greenness to the bergamot, alongside a subtle white floral note. At this stage the cologne smells distinctly fresh and crisp.

The musk accord makes itself known once the fragrance starts to dry down on skin. It’s soft and airy, providing the existing notes with an element of clean soapiness. It blends very nicely with the white floral note diffusing from the grapefruit blossom. The bergamot starts to fall away during the deep dry down, but I can still pick up whiffs of it here and there.

In summary, the citrusy musk combination is refreshing clean and forms one of the most inoffensive scents I’ve ever tried. It also happens to smell strikingly similar to a glass of cool, sparkling lemonade.

Sparkling lemonade

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Longevity and Projection

As an Eau de Toilette (EDT) concentration, Dior Homme Cologne has modest performance. My testing reveals that this fragrance projects out lightly from my skin and lasts for about 5-6 hours total. Therefore, I highly recommend this to men who are looking for a light, unassuming fragrance. It’s ideal to simply spritz on for freshening up purposes.

Not sure what the difference in cologne concentrations is? Check out our quick-start cologne beginner’s guide.

Occasions and Versatility

Although a humble scent, Dior Homme Cologne evokes feelings of timeless sophistication. Subsequently, I think any well-dressed man over the age of 18 can pull this off in either formal or casual situations. This is perfect for the office and an outstanding summer scent. Although it can be worn during other seasons too.

Now you’ve seen my opinion, check out what this reviewer thinks about this scent:

I’ve gone through half of this 75 ml bottle in less than a week… will certainly be purchasing the larger size next time. Very addictive, simple citrus. Reminds me of a vodka soda with lemon at first spray, with a slightly sweet dry down that ends in a refreshing musk. If it were slightly more complex and longer lasting, I could see this being my signature scent.


Dior Homme Cologne is a Classy and Clean Scent

dior homme cologne

Updated: In conclusion, I’m very pleased I purchased a bottle of this cologne. It’s inoffensive, bright, and remarkably versatile. A superb release from Dior who do several other great scents.

Although Dior Homme Cologne is not a complex fragrance, don’t let that fool you! There is a sense of sophisticated wonder in this simplistic composition.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on Dior Homme Cologne?

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