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MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 review: Can Guys Wear It?

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a sweet, amber and floral fragrance from the masterminds at Maison Francis Kurkdjian. BR 540 has developed a cult following due to its candied aroma and popularity amongst celebrities. Many think it smells unisex – and although I mostly agree, I believe it has a mild masculine edge. For the next few minutes, I’ll describe how it smells, how it performs, and when guys should wear it.

Baccarat Rouge 540 smells sweet and ambery

When first sprayed on skin the opening of Baccarat Rouge 540 smells sweet and ambery, with some soft floral touches. It primarily contains notes of saffron, jasmine, amber, and cedarwood.

Firstly, there’s zero ingredients that seemingly give rise to the distinct, sweet accord. It smells sticky and rich, like a form of caramelized cotton candy. Many people make comparisons to Mancera Instant Crush and I acknowledge the resemblance.

Sweet cotton candy

Additionally, both floral notes play a supporting role – and boy do they add delectable nuance and complexity. The saffron contributes a softly metallic aroma, coupled with airy, sweet jasmine.

As BR 540 progresses I witness the emergence of the amber note from the heart. The amber emanates a delicately resinous warmth, working harmoniously alongside the sweet cotton candy.

Deep warm amber

Once BR 540 dries on skin, the conspicuous cotton candy aspect begins to settle. Although pleasingly, some of the sweetness endures.

At this point, the cedarwood makes its appearance. It smells deep and luxe, like a wealthy interpretation of freshly cut wood. Although the cedar lacks its usual dry quality, it still perpetuates a masculine aura (IMO).

Woody dry down

In summary, I consider Baccarat Rouge 540 an ambery and airy aroma, featuring an accord evocative of rich cotton candy. Further, I pick up floral and woody undertones that add elements of complexity and depth from beginning till end.

Although BR 540 is unisex and leans slightly masculine, there is one caveat.

Much like the newer BR 540 Extrait, you must enjoy sweet colognes to truly relish this one. If you’re not a sweet scent kind of guy, this is not the fragrance for you.

And a warning: Your significant other will enjoy this so much they’ll steal it for themselves. Keep it safe, guys.

Check out this reviewer’s thoughts:

Airy, warm cotton candy, woodiness, smokiness, menthol, and a doctor’s office or maybe just the rubber gloves. Smells both hot and cold, feminine and masculine, light but mysterious, with deceptively good projection and longevity. So peculiar.

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It features moderate performance and longevity

After rocking Baccarat Rouge on many occasions, I’ve acquired a pretty good gauge on how it performs. Overall, I give it a performance rating of moderate.

In detail, it projects out from my skin by a few feet for the first 2 hours. Then, it simmers down slowly, and I get occasional whiffs for another 6 hours. Hence, you can expect about 8 hours of total longevity out of this cologne.

Opulent yet playful and flirtatious

Baccarat Rouge 540’s versatility is difficult to describe.

It strikes me as both opulent and playful – an intriguing mix.

Firstly, this is casual wear appropriate. I’ve worn this to social gatherings before, coffee meetups, and a date.

However, it also possesses a formal vibe. Although, more of a ‘spirited cocktail party’ character as opposed to ‘humdrum office conference’. Therefore this isn’t for dignified professional occasions, where I’d recommend Tom Ford Grey Vetiver instead.

Sweet and flirtatiously elegant

Lastly, you’d be wise to keep this in the cupboard during summer, given that it is very sweet. Try out Armaf Milestone instead when the weather warms up.

In Conclusion

baccarat rouge 540

Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP is an intoxicating fragrance. One that men can absolutely wear if they enjoy their aromas sweet.

This is a breezy composition of sugared cotton candy, supplemented by florals, amber, and woods. In my opinion it’s these secondary notes that give BR 540 a masculine inclination – albeit a slim one.

Featuring respectable performance, BR 540 radiates admirably in situations of easygoing and flirtatiously formal ambience.


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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP?

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