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Tom Ford Beau de Jour: My (Honest) Review for 2024

Tom Ford Beau de Jour is an aromatic fragrance for men released in 2020. It’s frequently described as an accessible and modern take on an old school barbershop gentlemanly scent. In today’s article, I’m going to take a look at Beau de Jour and see if those claims are correct!

What does Beau de Jour smell like?

Tom Ford Beau de Jour is what is a ‘fougere’ – a fragrance which features heavily aromatic, masculine, and mature qualities. Therefore, to my nose Beau de Jour contains notes of lavender, geranium, mint, basil, patchouli, and amber.

When sprayed on skin, the immediate note you’ll smell is lavender. The lavender is prominent and enveloping, yet reserved and soothing. Imagine strolling through a field of lavender on a sunny day – it surrounds you and makes its presence felt, but never overwhelms.

tom ford beau de jour lavender
A field of lavender on a sunny day

Accompanying the lavender in the opening is mint and geranium. The mint and geranium work together to provide fresh, slightly spicy, and softly herbaceous qualities. There is nothing overly distinct about either of these notes though. In the air they smell like supporting cast members to the lavender.

As the scent starts to develop, I notice some of the lavender recede. Furthermore, the basil reveals itself, presenting as another fresh-spicy and subtly herbal addition to the notes. The lavender, geranium, mint, and basil are evenly matched and balanced at this point.

Herbaceous basil is noticeably fresh and spicy

Once Beau de Jour dries down, the lavender is still present but other elements emerge. The aroma that’s uncovered is delicately green, earthy, and creamy. This is undoubtedly coming from the patchouli and amber backbone which is only evident once the scent fully dries on skin.

Overall, Beau de Jour opens as a bright lavender scent, drying down to a green, earthy, and amber-based composition. The transition through the phases from opening to dry down is effortless, yet noticeable. It opens with high-energy through the lavender, becoming subdued and darker once dried on skin.

A sweet, creamy, and dark amber accord

Fellas, if you enjoy the aroma of lavender, you will appreciate its substantial use here. Additionally, those who reminisce about the colognes of their fathers and grandfathers will instantly recognise the resemblances. However, if you’re looking for an exclusively modern scent without classic sensibilities you should check out other Tom Ford fragrances instead.

Check out this reviewer’s thoughts on Beau de Jour:

I got a sample of this in a swap. Damn, this smells good. I mainly get lavender, rosemary, mint, oakmoss, sweetened amber and a bit of patchouli. Classic style as it is a Fougere but it can be worn by any man. Great performance, a quality scent.

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What’s the performance like?

From my testing, Beau de Jour is a moderate performer. It projects 3 feet out from the skin for the first 3-4 hours or so. After that, it dries down into a skin scent and lasts for a further 4 hours.

On hot days it tends to perform even better, especially with respect to projection. Therefore, I’d advise not to overspray when the weather warms up.

Who can wear this, and when?

Beau de Jour is a versatile performer and can be worn year-round. Although I do lean toward preferring this during the daytime, as I previously cautioned, be careful with the trigger in the heat.

This works for a broad range of events, from wine tours/tastings to daytime coffee catchups. I wouldn’t recommend this for a date though – try something more seductive, such as Armani Code Absolu.

The type of man who could wear this scent

Men aged 30+ are best placed to fully take advantage of this cologne. Nonetheless, I believe the range can be stretched to mature, well-dressed guys in their 20’s as well.

In summary – Tom Ford Beau de Jour

tom ford beau de jour

There’s a reason Tom Ford is one of my favourite fragrance brands. They have success reinventing classic scent profiles, and that’s exactly what they’d done with Beau de Jour. This is a contemporary take on masculine lavender-forward herbal compositions, and I’d encourage anyone looking to add a fougere to their collection to try this one out.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Tom Ford Beau de Jour?

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