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Armani Code Absolu: 4 Things To Know [Listed]

Armani Code Absolu is a new designer fragrance for men released in 2019. It’s a flanker of the Armani Code line and is often described as the one of the best in the range. I’ve tested this cologne extensively, and have come up with a list of 4 quick things you need to know before you buy it this year.

1. Cologne Notes

Armani Code Absolu is a smooth & sweet suede fragrance for men. The main notes I smell include mandarin, apple, suede, tonka bean, vanilla, and orange blossom.

2. How Does Armani Code Absolu Smell?

The opening is an invigorating fruitiness! The apple and mandarin are the focus and are accompanied by a smooth suede note which smells quite refined.

The scent changes as it develops. Immediately after the opening, the orange blossom appears and adds a subtle citrus and floral accord to the blend.

The dry down is quite satisfying. Whilst some of the citruses start to regress, they allow the suede, vanilla and tonka to come to the forefront. Furthermore, these accords bring a new found sweetness to the suede accord and balance it out pleasantly.

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The tonka accord in this scent actually reminds me of the tonka present in Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.

3. Longevity and Projection

Performance of Absolu is actually pretty solid. It stacks up well against other Armani colognes I have reviewed. This stuff lasts for ages on my skin and emanates a pleasant scent bubble. Additionally, it projects off my skin for 4-5 hours and lasts for 12 hours total. Therefore, you absolutely don’t need to overspray this cologne.

4. Occasions and Versatility

Absolu is what I would call an occasion scent. It’s outstanding for those special situations like date nights and social gatherings. It also has a sense of sophistication which allows it to be worn in formal situations, too.

Personally, I think you can wear this cologne at any age. Designer scents widely available on the market are usually quite good in that regard. Absolu strikes me as the type of scent that will add a classy masculine edge to whomever is wearing it.

Check out what this reviewer thinks of Absolu:

One of my most complimented fragrances and a must have for winter time! Get inside a bar or a club wearing this and you will definitely get noticed, especially if you’re that type of guy who can pull this off!

Armani Code Absolu is a Great Release

armani code absolu

Updated: In my opinion, Absolu is one of the top releases so far in the Armani Code line.

Absolu is a seductively smooth masculine scent that is tempered nicely by subtle fruity and sweet notes blended throughout the fragrance.

Finally, Absolu has very respectable performance at an affordable designer price point. Therefore, I believe you can’t go wrong at least sampling this cologne.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on Armani Code Absolu?

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