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JPG Le Male ELIXIR is NOT Worth the Hype (Explained)

JPG Le Male Elixir is a men’s cologne released in 2023. Elixir is another flanker based on the iconic original. It’s also been hyped as the best Le Male fragrance in a long time. Reviewers say it smells sweeter and contains more tobacco than its predecessors. Well, I’ve been testing it all week and have concluded it doesn’t deserve the crazy hype. However, I still think it’s an awesome scent. Let me explain.

What does JPG Le Male Elixir smell like?

Firstly let’s cover the notes. Le Male Elixir contains lavender, mint, vanilla, benzoin, honey, tonka, and tobacco.

If you’ve smelled Le Male colognes you will immediately notice the likeness. A lavender and mint combination come first. Together they smell aromatic and cooling, with the mint giving off slight spice.

Cooling, addictive mint

However, they aren’t alone for long, and are soon joined by vanilla. It gives off a strong sweetness that nearly turns sugary. Almost like the vanilla bomb in Mercedes Benz Club Black.

Three changes happen once the scent develops:

  • The opening minty floral combination settles down;
  • Benzoin emerges, providing sweet warmth in support of vanilla; and
  • The sweet support doesn’t stop there. Honey also appears, giving the existing sweetness a sticky, syrupy texture.
Smooth, syrupy honey

Lastly the dry down phase arrives.

The sweet train keeps rolling with the tonka note next to come forward. It’s famous for smelling like toasted nuttiness and that quality is sprinkled amongst the sweetness.

Tobacco is the last accord to make an entrance, displaying a dry and rugged feel. However, it’s toned down by that fuzzy sweet overdose, particularly the glistening honey.

In summary, JPG Le Male Elixir smells like refreshing minty vanilla and lavender. Then it becomes honeyed and deepened by benzoin, before resting upon masculine tobacco. Elixir has playful and enticing energy that never becomes too youthful- despite a massive reliance on several sweet ingredients.

Nevertheless, this hype monster hasn’t impressed me much.

Is Le Male Elixir a bad fragrance? Not at all. There’s nothing awful here, but it isn’t interesting. Sure, it’s different, leaning into alluring, diverse sweetness and tobacco, but it’s no outlier. Elixir doesn’t have any attitude or mystique that we haven’t seen before. In fact, I actually prefer Le Male Le Parfum and its mysterious powdery iris.

It seems others agree, including this reviewer:

Such a disappointment. I have 8 le male flankers, as I think JPG has some really good fragrances – yet this one was disappointing. Not because it smells bad, but because it’s nothing new. Another vanilla based sweet fragrance for fall and winter.

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A star performer

Despite my displeasure, I always give credit where it’s due. The performance is a huge improvement over past flankers. I was expecting weakness but that isn’t the case one bit.

Specifically, Le Male Elixir projects moderately from skin for the first 4 hours before it settles closer. Once that happens, it persists for another 7. Therefore, it features 11 hours of total lasting power.

It helps there’s benzoin and tobacco here; both accords notorious for their longevity.

It’s seductive and steamy

The versatility of Le Male Elixir compares to other sweet tobacco scents like Spicebomb Extreme.

man who wears jpg le male elixir
Date night with Elixir

Therefore, it’s superb for date night, including steamy midnight encounters. The relaxed nature of Elixir makes it relevant for casual situations too – like coffee gatherings or social events with friends.

Unsurprisingly, wearing this juice in the heat brings a cloying risk. So don’t do that. However, any other time of year works well – especially Winter.

In Conclusion – JPG Le Male Elixir

jpg le male elixir

JPG Le Male Elixir is packaged in a shiny gold bottle with an intriguing name. But it does nothing new to raise my curiosity.

The stunning opening of lavender and mint screams vintage Le Male, before transforming into an overload of mixed sweetness with a tobacco backbone.

Although the fragrance is seductive, the insane hype isn’t necessary. Only grab it if you’re a Jean Paul Gaultier faithful or can snag it at a discounted price.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on JPG Le Male Elixir?

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