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Afnan 9pm (Review): My 3 Minute Verdict

Afnan 9pm is a cologne for men released in 2020. Since launch, 9pm has rocketed to stardom as an affordable alternative to the popular Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male. I recently tested 9pm and can confirm it’s a captivating scent. From the lively and flirtatious opening to the suave dry down, 9pm offers a multi-faceted seductive experience. Read on for the next few minutes for my full verdict.

What does Afnan 9pm smell like?

Before I describe the aroma let’s look at the notes. Afnan 9pm contains apple, cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, tonka bean, patchouli, amber.

The opening smells bright, sweet, and a little warm.

Firstly, there’s apple, offering a crisp and fresh invigoration to the senses. The fruit is coupled with cinnamon, extending warmth and slight spiciness. The union sets a lively tone that hints at the excitement to follow.

Invigorating green apple

It’s uncommon to blend warm and fresh notes, but it has been done with success before. For example, in the brilliant aquatic Rasasi Hawas.

However, 9pm is much more sugared than that release, and vanilla is the reason why. It infuses the opening with a rich and noticeable sweetness.

As the scent evolves and reveals the heart notes, three things happen:

  • The initial lively and spiced opening retreats;
  • Lavender adds a delicate aromatic touch that softens and adds sophistication; and
  • The sweetness of tonka takes over from vanilla. It’s less rich and intense, and much creamier.

The dry down is where the sensual character shines.

Slightly sweet and musky amber

The earthiness of patchouli intertwines with warm and slightly musky embrace of amber. It generates a seductive, smooth aroma that softly wafts from skin.

This bloke is a big fan:

9pm smells like some high quality stuff. It’s really sweet, so if that’s not you’re style then this isn’t for you. This smells like a super smooth perfect combination of vanilla, apple, and tonka. I love the dry down so much that every time I get a whiff of it I think to myself “DAMN, I smell sexy.”

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How does 9pm perform?

I found that Afnan 9pm possessed moderate performance when I tested it on my skin.

Specifically, it projected decently for the first 5 hours. Then it settled closer for another 5, resulting in 10 hours of total longevity.

It has a ton of energy when first spritzed on skin. Therefore, there’s really no need to overspray unless you’re hell bent on making a grand entrance.

When can you wear it?

Like the name suggests, Afnan 9pm does its best work after dark.  However, that’s not to say you can’t wear it during the day. Just that it displays its peak powers during the evening.

man who wears afnan 9pm
Wear it after dark

It’s a charming option for date night and casual drinks with friends. Additionally, it’s particularly suited to clubbing and bar hopping. Therefore, I’ve found it a smart substitute to stalwarts like Paco Rabanne 1 Million and Versace Eros.

Seasonally and weather-wise, spray with confidence anytime except the hottest summer weather.

In Summary – Afnan 9pm

afnan 9pm

Afnan 9pm is a fragrance that captures the essence of flirtatiousness. It has an exquisite blend of fruits, soft spices, and deeper, sweeter notes.

This cologne features a vibrant, sweet opening that settles into a lingering dry down, taking the wearer on a memorable and enticing journey.

9pm commands attention but never overwhelms. It captivates the senses and will leave those around you longing for more – deep into the night.

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What are your thoughts on Afnan 9pm? Leave a comment below!

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