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Bad Boy Extreme is AWFUL (Reviewed) – Avoid It!

Bad Boy Extreme is a men’s cologne released in 2022. It’s a warm spicy, aromatic, and woody aroma that’s described as bringing a ‘new evolution’ to the Carolina Herrera Bad Boy line. Unfortunately, this self-professed ‘evolution’ is anything but positive. I was appalled by what I smelled when I tested it recently. In my opinion Bad Boy Extreme is a mess that you must avoid. Read on and let me explain why!

What does Bad Boy Extreme smell like?

Firstly, I’ll list the accords I can smell. Bad Boy Extreme contains cacao, patchouli, vetiver, incense, plum, olibanum, and opoponax.

The aroma on initial spray is awful.

It’s supposedly a combination of cacao and patchouli, meant to evoke warm, sweet and earthy tendencies. Sure, I can vaguely make out those elements if I sniff it up close. However, in reality it smells like a cheap version of that alluring vision. Moreover, it’s a sludgy synthetic mess that becomes nasty if smelled for too long.

Gross cacao in the opening

Disappointingly, it’s a far cry from the superb opening of the original Bad Boy.

Much to my relief vetiver emerges next. It introduces a soft, woody, and aromatic edge that fortunately rounds out some of the cloying abrasiveness.

After the opening phase some changes occur:

  • Incense provides a faint smoky texture that gives a mysterious touch; and
  • There’s also a plum note. An unusual addition that introduces a peculiar, fruity sweetness.
Smoky incense accord

The dry down phase is a redemptive one, making up for the earlier horror show. It strikes a contrasting picture with the mess that came before.

Olibnaum and opoponax work harmoniously alongside the incense. These resins conjure sweet, warm, and ambery facets that smell sensual and composed. Simultaneously, the aggressive opening accords have disappeared.

In summary, Bad Boy Extreme smells like a harsh, earthy-chocolate aroma with woody undertones. Then, it becomes more appetising over time. Amber-based notes mingle with smoky and sweet tones to give off intriguing, delectable energy.

Honestly, the ending accords should have been there from the start. It’d have made for a more pleasant experience. Nevertheless, the first phase will turn people off before it even gets to the best part.

This reviewer is even less forgiving:

For me the cacao and incense notes are too strong. It smells like a really cheap chocolate fragrance at the start. The dry down is a little bit more tolerable but I had to scrub it off because I did not like it at all.

And another:

On paper smells amazing, however was disappointed on skin it smelled really unpleasant for the first 2 hours. After that the base notes come through and it actually smells really nice, almost vanilla like. But still doesn’t make up for the horrific first couple of hours. Great sillage and longevity.

Performance ain’t bad

The performance is the biggest boon about this cologne.

With my testing, I consistently get a total longevity of 9 hours after initial spray. The first 2 hours project modestly from skin, whilst it sits closer for the last 7.

Additionally, it lasts even longer when sprayed on clothes, easily upwards of 12 hours.

Furthermore, I’ve compared this side-by-side with a similar cologne, Invictus Victory, and got almost identical performance.

Is it versatile?

If by some miracle you enjoy Bad Boy Extreme, there’s some settings I recommend you wear it.

Spray it on nights out, on dates, and other romantic rendezvous. It’s undoubtedly suited to evening occasions. Especially during winter and cooler months of the year.

man who wears bad boy extreme
Suited to the evenings

Furthermore, it smells like it was crafted with younger guys in mind. To elicit a similar (and better smelling) vibe I recommend Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum to mature gents.

In Summary – Bad Boy Extreme

bad boy extreme

I’ve tested many colognes. From some of the cheapest chemical messes to the most expensively elegant. Bad Boy Extreme is the first to give me nausea. I’m usually a fan of Carolina Herrera but this is not it.

The heavy cacao and patchouli combo is my biggest gripe. However, if you’re patient the ambery incense that appears later is more enjoyable.

Despite the redeeming qualities, I can’t get past that horrid opening. There’s way too many superior options out there to even consider picking this up.

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Bad Boy Extreme?

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