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Creed Absolu Aventus (Review): Another Cash Grab?

Creed Absolu Aventus is a men’s cologne released in 2023. It’s a flanker in Creed’s catalogue of fragrances. Upon release, it received acclaim for its darker and more manly take on the beloved Aventus aroma. However, I was still unconvinced. I was expecting another mundane Creed release trying to milk the cash cow. But, I was surprised to discover the reviews were actually on the money. Absolu Aventus is one of Creed’s best offerings in years. Read on and I’ll explain why.

What does Absolu Aventus smell like?

Firstly let’s start with the ingredients. Absolu Aventus contains grapefruit, ginger, black currant, cinnamon, cardamom, pink pepper, patchouli, and vetiver.

The fragrance begins with a bright blend of grapefruit and ginger. Together they smell fresh, sparkling, and a little spicy.

Fresh spicy grapefruit aroma

Also mingling around is a black currant note. It gives off a delicious tart fruity odour.

Sound familiar so far? It should – the opening compares to other Creed colognes. However, that’s all about to change.

Soon, darker, richer facets emerge that separate Absolu. So much so that during the heart phase, Absolu even smells comparable to Dior Sauvage Elixir. These facets include:

  • Cinnamon, that adds a sweet and spicy aroma; and
  • Cardamom, providing warmth, composure, and a ton of depth.
Warm cardamom

Once it dries down, Absolu again becomes somewhat reminiscent of the original Creed Aventus. Vetiver and patchouli give it an earthy, woody and creamy smell. Also, pink pepper adds some smokiness.

In summary, Creed Absolu Aventus smells like a juicy grapefruit scent that very soon becomes denser, and spicier. Then, it settles into a classic masculine Creed base. Absolu is one of the most significant modifications on the Aventus DNA yet. It balances a newfound warmth and mystery with the mature core of the iconic original.

Here’s a comment from another reviewer:

I wanted to hate this stuff. I sampled this today and I will be splurging! It’s a subdued and smoother Sauvage Elixir in the dry down with the warm spices, but that Aventus DNA is definitely there. The opening is my favorite from the Aventus line. It’s bright, juicy, and extremely pleasing with the grapefruit and black currant at the top.

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Is it strong?

In the past I’ve criticised Creed for their poor-performing scents. They have a reputation (and a well-deserved one) for lacklustre longevity and sillage.

However, Absolu Aventus bucks that trend.

Specifically, I’ve found that it has 8+ hours of total longevity. It projects moderately for the first 3, before sitting closer to skin for the remaining 5.

It isn’t winter where I am – but I bet you can generate even more longevity in the cold.

Overall, this is a clear improvement on what we’ve seen from Creed before.

When can you wear it?

Absolu Aventus is less versatile than its predecessors. However, it does feature an advantageously unique feel.

Thus, it works well during special events such as weddings and ceremonies. Additionally, it’s a captivating option for date night. Absolu has signature scent spirit that gives it extra oomph for those milestone moments.

Works well for special events

Seasonally, wear it anytime except the peak warmth of summer. Creed Aventus Cologne will serve you better when the weather heats up.

In Summary – Creed Absolu Aventus

creed absolu aventus

Absolu is like the brooding, magnetic brother of the crowd-pleasing Creed Aventus.

It’s thicker and warmer whilst maintaining the citruses and woods that made its predecessor so remarkable.

Sure, it’s less versatile. However, it lasts longer on skin and is way sexier.

Despite the insane price tag, Absolu Aventus is the Creed release I’ve been waiting for.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Creed Absolu Aventus?

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