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Creed Royal Oud (Review) – I’m FLOORED

Creed Royal Oud is a cologne for men released in 2011. As the name suggests, this is advertised as a majestic, woody aroma. I was worried initially. I don’t have the best track record with oud – if this smelled bad, I’d have to write another critical review. However, it’s safe to say I was floored with just how masterful it smells. And coming from an oud hater, that’s huge. Read on and I’ll explain.

What does Creed Royal Oud smell like?

Firstly, let’s start with the notes. Royal Oud contains pink pepper, lemon, cedar, angelica, galbanum, oud, and musk.

The opening of Royal Oud smells spirited and citrusy. Pink pepper and lemon are responsible, making a punchy yet smooth entrance. There’s nothing sharp or piercing about them. Together, they dominate the opening phase.

pink pepper
Punchy pink pepper in the opening

Afterwards, early hints of deeper notes flow through after 10 minutes:

  • Cedar shows up first, smelling like dry and luxe woodiness. It’s the most prominent woody note in the scent, and foreshadows the discreet oud to come; and
  • Angelica supports the cedar. It gives a herbaceous quality – tinting the woods with a green, rooty type smell.

Galbanum also drifts through during this phase. It forms a trio with the cedar and angelica after the pepper and lemon subside.

Furthermore, despite being a green note just like angelica, galbanum smells different. It provides a more intense experience, with bitter, balsamic, and powdery energy.

Once the dry down hits, these notes retreat to reveal the headline note – oud. Fellas, it finally arrives.

oud accord
Soft oud appears later

The oud is delicate and calm, giving (distant) comparisons to Tom Ford Oud Wood. Although this version is softer, with a warm woody texture that never dominates.

Lastly, the iconic Creed musk accord supports it with a subtle fuzzy texture.

In summary, Creed Royal Oud smells spicy with a splash of citrus, before becoming woody and herbal over time. Afterwards, it declines down into a composed layer of oud and powdery musk. Royal Oud possesses luxurious energy that reigns supreme over skanky, inferior competitors.

Check the comments of this reviewer:

A proper fragrance that actually lives up to its name. It definitely smells like something a king would wear. The cedar is beautiful in this and the whole thing gets better and better as it dries down. It’s masculine and very classy. The perfect fragrance for a suit or any evening event.

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It has moderate strength on skin

Creed Royal Oud features respectable (but not remarkable) performance. A level above most of the Creed catalogue – but below the powerful Green Irish Tweed.

Specifically, it projects modestly from skin for the first 4 hours, before resting close for 4 after that. Therefore, 8 hours of total longevity should be expected. 

Made for dressy and classy events

The name gives us a hint that this isn’t an everyday elixir.

Royal Oud is an honourable scent reserved for classy and upmarket venues. Therefore, apply with confidence for the office, high-end bar functions, weddings, or other suited special events.

man who wears royal oud
A classy scent for classy occasions

Consequently, it isn’t appropriate for young lads. Mature gents only with this one.

Seasonally, it can be worn in cooler to moderate temperatures, but fiercely avoided in the heat. This oud is sensible, but it is still oud – the boiling sun transforms it into a pungent mess.

Besides, Creed has tons of options when the climate swelters, so that’s no loss. Aventus Cologne and Silver Mountain Water are two cooling options.

In Conclusion – Creed Royal Oud

creed royal oud

Creed Royal Oud was a world away from what I expected. I imagined an arrogant oud accord dominating the fragrance. Sounds foolish in hindsight but given the name could you blame me?

It’s actually a balanced scent, blended with peppery, aromatic and powdery touches. Interestingly, cedarwood is the primary woody element. Oud is only one part of the story – emitting quietly from the core.

Despite the prestige, Royal Oud never feels smug. The absence of ego is what sets it apart from alternatives at this premium price.

Go get your nose on this sophisticated scent and let me know what you think.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Creed Royal Oud?

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