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Versace Eros Still ROCKS: Here’s Why [Review]

Versace Eros is a men’s cologne launched in 2012. Since release, Eros has skyrocketed in popularity due to its fruity, sweet aroma. Despite global adoration, I’m often asked if it’s still worth buying. In my opinion, it persists as an enjoyable fragrance men must add to their wardrobe. Hang around for a few minutes and I’ll explain why.

Versace Eros smells minty, fruity, and sweet

Versace Eros contains notes of apple, lemon, mint, tonka bean, ambroxan, vanilla, and woods.

Crisp apple in the opening

On first spray I’m greeted with a refreshing, fruity energy. The apple and lemon are responsible, teaming up to induce a crisp, astringent sweetness.

Accompanying this duo is an equally prevalent mint accord. It delivers an aromatic injection that I compare to a cooling, bracing kick.

Cooling mint supports the fruits

After the buoyant opening, 2 major changes take place:

  • The fruity-citrus apple and lemon pairing gradually withdraw. They’re replaced by a creamy tonka bean that continues to perpetuate sweetness through the scent; and
  • An undercurrent of ambroxan emerges. Some dislike these types of synthetic notes. I embrace them. Here, the ambroxan generates an ambery, musky depth, enhancing the aroma’s projection.

Once Eros dries down, the soothing mint, tonka, and ambroxan start to mellow. Rising to encircle them is a combination of vanilla and woods.

The vanilla contributes it usual delicate sweetness, tastefully supporting the tonka. Whilst the woods bring masculine character, a backbone upon which all other accords reside.

Sweet, creamy tonka bean

In summary, Eros opens with energizing fruitiness that’s woven with brisk mint. Creamy tonka and ambroxan follow, before resting upon a pillar of vanilla and woods. It smells vibrant and inviting, tinged with modern virile essence. Although more playful than its sibling Eros EDP, it never feels wild or juvenile.

What an absolute sexy beast of a scent!! Opens up so sweet and crisp with the apple and mint. Carries the smooth sweetness with the vanilla and just keeps you coming back for more. Girlfriend approved. Got a compliment as soon as I got home with it.

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Performance is STILL strong

Initial formulations of Versace Eros featured beast mode performance.

Recent revisions have slightly tempered the projection and longevity.

Make no mistake though. Eros is still a strong fragrance.

Specifically, it projects from skin moderately for the first 3 hours, before lasting for 6 more. Therefore, expect up to 9 hours of total lasting power. Not bad for a designer scent you can pick up for 50 bucks.

Playfully versatile

The playful character of Versace Eros guarantees versatility for several situations.

This works great casually, when catching up with friends or other social events.

man who wears versace eros
Versace Eros is perfectly worn casually

I’ve also worn this to the gym and out clubbing before. You can extend its use to warmer weather romantic rendezvous, too. Although when the temperature drops, reach for Carolina Herrera Bad Boy instead.

Lastly, Eros will work best for guys 35 and under. If you’re over that age, check out the earlier mentioned Eros EDP first.

In Conclusion – Versace Eros

versace eros

There’s a reason Versace Eros took out top place in my Versace cologne rankings.

It’s a lively opening aroma, supported by soothing minty spice. It transitions cleverly to an inviting, smoother rendition underneath.

Eros has successfully laid the platform for all flankers that follow. However, the OG endures as a bright, fruity, sweet cologne treasured by men worldwide. Strongly consider this cheerful trailblazer as your next fragrance choice.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Versace Eros?

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