Pure Havane (Reviewed): Here’s Our Verdict

Sweet, warm and inviting. I’m referring to none other than the 2011 release from Thierry Mugler named A*Men Pure Havane. This is a unique scent in the A*Men series and an absolute favourite in my fragrance collection.

The scent of Pure Havane is inspired by the city of Havana, the capital of Cuba, which is well known for their production of cigars.

A*Men Pure Havane is an Eau De Toilette fragrance that opens with gorgeous notes of honey and tobacco.

As the scent develops following 1-2 minutes, an almost cherry-chocolate note begins to blossom which blends in with the heart notes consisting of vanilla, patchouli and bitter cocoa. These delightful notes all sit on a base of labdanum, amber and styrax.


Pure Havane is a stable aroma that does not change a whole lot over time. This makes it enjoyable to smell again and again.

The longevity of this fragrance is okay but not jaw-dropping. I get roughly 6 hours of wear when worn on skin with the best projection being in the first 1-3 hours.

The sillage is moderate and can be smelled from roughly 1-2 metres away during the first few hours after application. Beyond this, it reduces to more of a skin scent.

It also tends to last longer when also worn on clothing and in cooler weather. I typically apply anywhere from 3-5 sprays of this fragrance to get the best results.

As for seasonal wear, Autumn and Winter will be your best options however cooler weather in general is best appropriate.

Should you buy Pure Havane this year?

pure havane mugler

Update: Overall, Pure Havane is an excellent gourmand, honey-vanilla-tobacco fragrance.

The tobacco note is not heavy, but tasteful. Together with the bitter cocoa, this fragrance conjures up what perfumer Aaron Terence Hughes describes as being a “wooden tobacco box”.

Whilst this is a likeable scent, it is quite fleeting and simplistic in nature. It lacks depth and boldness in the sense that the fragrance smells the same over time, particularly the top notes.

However, this does make it a safe option if you are new to fragrances or are starting out to build a fragrance collection.

A brand new bottle of A*Men Pure Havane is hard to come by but can be purchased online for around $150 (Australian dollar).

This fragrance is one I have recently added to my collection and will be one I hold onto for many years to come.

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