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Versace Dylan Blue Reviewed By A Fragrance Expert [2022 Update]

Versace Dylan Blue is a popular aquatic cologne for men. I’ve owned a bottle of this for over a year, as well as several samples. It is one of the most recognisable colognes from Versace and for good reason! For the next 2 minutes I’ll give you my review and verdict on if it’s worth picking up this year.

Cologne Notes

The main notes I can smell in this fragrance are bergamot, grapefruit, aquatic notes, incense, pepper, musk, ambroxan, and violet leaf.

How Does Dylan Blue Smell?

The first notes I can smell are the bergamot and grapefruit. These citrusy accords give a brightness and energy to the opening of the scent. The opening is also extremely fresh thanks to an aquatic/watery type note blended amongst the citruses.

Aquatic watery notes

As the scent starts to develop, it becomes a little darker. The pepper adds an ever so slight addition of spice to the cologne. Violet leaf is also in there, bringing an intoxicating hint of greenness.

The dry down is fantastic. The musk, ambroxan and incense really come into play here. They add a new found depth and mysterious element to the fragrance. At this stage, the concoction of notes is what I’d consider aquatic, sweet, and a little smoky – combining in a relaxed, nonchalant way.


Although the scent profile of Dylan Blue is very fresh and mass appealing, the incense and musk give it a darker edge. Therefore, I’d definitely put this in the ‘f*ckboy scent’ category.

I can’t help but love the provocative & sexy feelings that Dylan Blue evokes. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that this scent makes it very high on my Top 5 Versace colognes article.

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Longevity and Projection

Versace Dylan Blue has medium performance, which isn’t bad for the price you pay. Although it lasts on my skin for 6+ hours, it doesn’t have beast mode projection. This may be an advantage depending on your environment.

Occasions and Versatility

This is one of the most versatile fragrances I have owned. I love it in summer, wearing it to the gym, or casual events. However, you could wear it anywhere if you wanted! It would be very hard to find someone offended by this cologne.

Have a look at this reviewer’s comments on this fragrance:

Long-lasting bright citrus top notes with a mysterious dose of amber give way to an intimate, sexy, masculine vibe. I wear this one almost every weekend, and it makes me feel ready for wherever the night takes me!

Should You Buy Versace Dylan Blue This Year?

versace dylan blue

Updated for 2022: Versace Dylan Blue is a fantastic aquatic cologne that is popular and mass appealing. It’s definitely worth checking out this year.

I love the scent profile of Dylan Blue and I think it has more to offer than the usual aquatic scents on the market.

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I want to hear from you! Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments and on Instagram! What are your thoughts on Versace Dylan Blue?

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I recently purchased Dylan Blue at Macy’s and now find it on your Amazon link nearly at half price.

Are these the same product? Are there any dangers in purchasing from Amazon vendors? Please discuss the price differential as some products have price control via MSRP and MAP pricing. Are there knockoffs online vs a company like Macy’s?

Reply to  Jake

You mention that you are in the Amazon affiliate program. Do you believe what I purchase from Amazon via your links are the real deal or am I taking my chances?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.x