underrated men's colognes

5 Underrated Men’s Colognes I’m Wearing in 2023 [Updated]

As the New Year kicked off, I’ve taken time to reflect on my cologne journey over the past year. Although I purchased many fragrances, there are 5 in particular that I think don’t get the broader praise they deserve. In today’s article, I’m going talk about 5 underrated men’s colognes that I’ll continue wearing this year (and beyond).

5. Mercedes-Benz Club Black

underrated men's colognes

Mercedes-Benz Club Black was one of my favourite cologne discoveries this year. I hadn’t heard about this scent until a friend sent me a sample to try.

Why is that?

It may be because Mercedes-Benz is one of many car brands that have dabbled with fragrances, and people don’t give them a chance. Or one of several car brands in the men’s cologne market jostling for market share. Aside from that? I have no idea.

Club Black is a powerful yet inviting combination of vanilla and incense, with some other elements in there too.

To me it screams suave yet playful, with a robust masculine edge. And considering it can be purchased for under $50, it’s a no brainer if you love vanilla.

Check out what this reviewer said:

This is so good. I’m speechless. The best vanilla fragrance you can buy under $100. Longevity 7 hours projection is moderate to heavy. I think will be better if I test this in winter.


If you’d like more information, check out our in-depth review on Club Black.

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4. Dunhill Icon

underrated men's colognes

Dunhill Icon is the next underrated men’s cologne I had to mention.

Icon is an aromatic and spicy scent, with neroli, bergamot, and pepper as the main accords.

Sure, the performance isn’t anything to write home about, but that’s okay. Carry an atomizer around with you and reapply every few hours – you’ll be good to go!

Icon has a subdued stature in the men’s fragrance market for one main reason. Icon is undeniably best for classy, mature, and successful men – from mid-level executives to high powered CEO’s.

Therefore, it has a limited market, but works extraordinarily well for men in that market. Young guys, this one is not for you.

This fragrance reviewer gave their honest assessment of Icon:

Well behaved scent, sort of pedestrian. Performance is subpar. All in all though, a nice aromatic and spicy scent with an amped up neroli note which smells modern and understated. Highly versatile as you can wear this one pretty much anywhere. Decent.


Check out our detailed review on Dunhill Icon here.

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3. Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature

underrated men's colognes

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Uomo Signature comes in at #3 on the list of underrated men’s colognes.

Selvator Ferragamo is a brand that doesn’t get widespread recognition. As such, its men’s cologne releases aren’t widely known about either.

Uomo Signature is no exception. But it should be!

It’s a combination of warm spices, coffee, and leather, which come together to form a warm and cozy aroma. I rate this highly as a ‘dumb reach’ scent in cooler weather.

However, it does have synethic elements to it, which are to be expected at this price.

Have a look at what this fragrance reviewer thinks:

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature Men EDP can be found discounted for about $40, it is an affordable, very pleasant, and good performing fragrance ideal for the mild and cold months of the year. This is a great buy.


Uomo Signature is 1 of 3 Salvatore Ferragamo colognes I ranked here.

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2. Parfums de Marly Percival

underrated men's colognes

Parfums de Marly Percival is a ‘blue’ fragrance, with an appealing scent profile of lavender, citruses, and ambroxan.

So – why is it considered underrated?

It flies under the radar because it’s often overlooked for the more popular fragrances of the house – such as Layton, Herod, or Pegasus.

Additionally, Percival is seen as another safe cologne release that doesn’t push the boundaries in a crowded blue fragrance market.

Make no mistake though, Percival is a compliment getter from beginning to end. It’s also highly versatile, performs well on skin, and could easily become someone’s signature scent.

Check out what this fragrance reviewer had to say:

A much deeper fragrance than a “designer fragrance”. The quality is fantastic right from the start and it only gets better during the drydown. Just smell the drydown on the atomiser, fantastic. Underrated fragrance.


I reviewed Percival in more depth in this article here.

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1. Versace Eros Flame

underrated men's colognes

Versace Eros Flame never received the hype it deserved. To this day, I can’t comprehend why.

Maybe it was because Versace took the popular Eros DNA and was perceived to be unnecessarily reinventing the wheel.

Or perhaps because it’s difficult for flankers to reach the lofty expectations set by their successful predecessors.

Whatever the reason, I believe Versace Eros Flame stands tall on its own. It’s an aromatic composition of mandarin orange, spices, woods, and so much more.

Therefore, Eros Flame tops our list of underrated men’s colognes.

This fragrance reviewer has similar thoughts to me about Eros Flame:

I can’t understand why this fragrance is so underrated. Is it generic and mainstream? Yes! So what?

This is a mainstream, mass pleaser designer fragrance, aimed at extending the success of original Eros to a wider audience (the reason of all the hate). But there is nothing wrong about it. Most people will think that you smell amazing. Ladies will consider that you smell sexy, and some of them will compliment you fanatically.


We gave Eros Flame more examination in this article here.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on our list of underrated men’s colognes?

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