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JPG Le Beau (Review): Here’s how it smells

JPG Le Beau EDT is a fragrance for men released in 2019. This crystal blue bottle is a spinoff of the esteemed Le Male line. In recent years Le Beau has gained popularity, praised for its sweet and summery tendencies. Initially I owned a sample but enjoyed it so much that I bought a full bottle. Thus, I think this playful fragrance is definitely worth your time. Read on and I’ll explain why.

What does Le Beau smell like?

Let’s kick off with the note breakdown. Officially, JPG Le Beau EDT contains three accords including bergamot, coconut, and tonka bean.

In the opening I smell two elements at play.

Firstly, a burst of citrusy bergamot. It injects immediate freshness and energy.

Secondly, an unmistakable dose of coconut. The fruit smells sweet and addictive with its typical creamy texture.

Delectable coconut

As it starts to develop, some of that bergamot freshness withdraws. Then, the coconut transforms into a rich, vanillic sweetness that retains the creaminess. The vanilla is evident despite not being acknowledged by the brand.

Once Le Beau starts drying down, that sweetness changes again.

This time, it turns into a nutty, sweet tonka bean. It’s dispersed on a backdrop of woods. Which also aren’t even listed as an accord!

Nutty sweet tonka

In summary, JPG Le Beau smells like a fresh burst of coconut sweetness. Then over time the sweetness becomes more vanillic, before fully drying into tonka and woods. Le Beau is radiant, easygoing and delectable, displaying sexiness without trying too hard.

Le Beau is my second favourite JPG fragrance to date. It’s just behind the treasured Le Male Le Parfum, but way ahead of Le Male Elixir and the OG Le Male.

This reviewer had some high praise:

I just want to eat this perfume. INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS, all I can say it smells like sexy, sweet, fruity coconut. And compliments are amazing. Took this on my vaccation to Greece and I got compliments even after 4 hours of applying this.

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How does it perform?

I get fairly solid performance from this blue bad boy.

Specifically, it spreads moderately off skin for the first 4 hours or so. Then, it settles closer as a skin scent for another 5. Therefore, expect around 9 hours of total lasting power. 

Is Le Beau versatile?

Summertime will suit Le Beau best. The crystal glass and sky blue juice suggests nothing less.

Wear it casually catching up with friends or running errands. This is also a phenomenal scent to wear on a warm day or night date.

man who wears jpg le beau
Le Beau has a summery sweet feel

The tropical, fun-loving vibe also makes it suitable for vacations and holidays.

Lastly, Le Beau leans slightly youthful, suitable for guys 40 and under. More mature men should consider a tropical tonic like Creed Virgin Island Water.

To Sum Up

jpg le beau

In summary, JPG Le Beau is an intoxicating summer scent that always maintains a sense of upbeat freshness.

It’s far from the most complex fragrance I’ve reviewed but to most that doesn’t matter. This sweet, lively tonic will turn heads on your next summer day out.

It’s not my top-ranked JPG cologne but it’s bloody close.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on JPG Le Beau EDT?

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