BEST Sauvage cologne: The #1 Choice Today (Compared)

Dior has released several Sauvage cologne versions thus far. Although they share a name, each scent has its own distinct personality. With numerous to choose from, the selection process can be pretty confusing. However, I’m here to help. Today, I’ll be comparing the highest rated offerings – Dior Sauvage Parfum and Sauvage EDP. Then, I’ll let explain why I prefer the latter. Read on for more.

Side note: Dior has now released Sauvage Elixir, which I review separately in depth here.

Let’s start with Dior Sauvage Parfum.

Dior Sauvage Parfum smells fresh, resinous, and dense

On first spray I smell a fresh bergamot accord, mirroring prior Sauvage releases. However there’s also a juicy orange-like mandarin note appearing early. This is a new inclusion in the Parfum, absent from its predecessors.

Dior Sauvage cologne Parfum

There’s a dense resinous quality here too. It’s coming from the elemi, pulsing a thick, warm layer around the citruses.

A tinge of vanilla sweetness arises soon after. It pairs with sandalwood, displaying a composed, creamy texture.

Overall, Sauvage Parfum is darker and less abrasive than previous instalments. It’s much smoother than its predecessors. Therefore, this is a mature and sophisticated take on the Sauvage DNA. In that sense, it reminds me of the role Bleu de Chanel Parfum plays in the line of BDC colognes.

It has eternal longevity

The Parfum projects out moderately from skin for the first 3 hours.

Then, it settles closer, lasting for at least 10 hours more. Therefore, expect at minimum 13 hours of total staying power out of this one. Impressive.

Well worn after dark

Although it can be worn during the day, after dark is the smartest bet.

Its composed profile is well suited to romantic dates and nights out. Additionally, social functions and after-work drinks are also appropriate.

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Next, moving onto Dior Sauvage EDP.

Dior Sauvage EDP smells fresh, peppery, and warm

Dior Sauvage cologne Eau De Parfum

On first spray and smell, a dose of warm, sweet ambroxan appears.

In tandem, a duo of fresh bergamot and spicy pepper present themselves. This fresh spicy union is a lively thrust to the senses. However, they also balance skillfuly with the aforementioned ambroxan note.

Once Sauvage EDP begins to develop, more of its calming nuances arrive.

A lavender accord is the headline, working with an assortment of warm spices to exhibit a composed aura. There’s also an underlying vanillic sweetness, albeit not to the same degree as the Parfum.

As it dries, it becomes mysterious and deeper, yet maintains its freshness throughout.

In summary, Dior took a versatile approach with the EDP. Retain the freshness from the original EDT yet tone down the sharpness. Then, infuse the deeper, composed facets from the Parfum. Dior Sauvage EDP is a balanced interpretation that exhibits the best elements of the DNA.

Projects more than the Parfum

Dior Sauvage EDP projects more than the Parfum, lasting on skin almost as long too.

In detail, it projects out moderately for the first 6 hours. Then, it simmers down and lasts for another 5. Therefore, expect up to 11 hours of total staying power.

A hair short of the Parfum, but it does project stronger – and for longer.

More versatile than other releases

Given its balance, this feels more versatile than the Parfum. Therefore, it can be worn in all seasons and most occasions.

You can wear this in hot weather, cold, and everything in between. In casual or formal situations alike, Dior Sauvage EDP is a chameleon since it adapts to the formality of the event.

However, you should pull back and wear something dignified when sombre occasions call (i.e. ceremonies). Try Tom Ford Grey Vetiver in those circumstances.

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Dior Sauvage Cologne – the EDP is #1

Update: After wearing both scents many times, Dior Sauvage EDP takes the cake.

To explain, the EDP just gets the balance right. Sure, it features some of the notorious elements that Sauvage is recognised for. But they’re toned down, supplemented with nuances that give relaxed character.

That’s not to say the Parfum isn’t a desirable cologne. In fact, its denser, thicker facets are why I recommend it first to mature gents.

Nevertheless, many fragrance newbies and veterans alike will appreciate what the compliment machine Dior Sauvage EDP has to offer.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What’s your favourite Sauvage cologne?

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