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Stronger With You Absolutely review: Do I Recommend It?

Stronger With You Absolutely is a men’s designer fragrance by Giorgio Armani. Released in 2021, it’s considered a boozier take on the Stronger With You line of colognes. Recently I’ve had several people ask me if I recommend it.  The simple answer is yes – I do. However if you’d like more detail, hang around for the next few minutes and I’ll explain.

Stronger With You Absolutely smells warm, sweet, and comforting

I describe the scent profile of Stronger With You Absolutely as warm, sweet, and comforting. It contains notes of rum, elemi (resin), vanilla, lavender, chestnut, and cedar.

The first thing that arises on my skin is an aroma of sweet rum. The rum smells boozy, with some characteristic sweet and syrupy facets. It works harmoniously alongside vanilla, another sweet element – making its mark early by softly pulsating up from the base.

Boozy rum in the opening

After 15 minutes, the rum withdraws and is replaced by resinous elemi. It emanates a smoky, balsamic smell that I compare to another cologne – By The Fireplace.

In Absolutely, the elemi successfully balances the sweet ingredients and prevents them from becoming too cloying. Furthermore, the interplay of smoke and sweetness is very comforting and warm.

As the fragrance develops, the remaining 3 notes come out to play.

First comes one of my favourite notes – lavender.

Subtle lavender

This floral accord continues the task started by the elemi. It brings further balance and diversity to the aroma. However, it does so in its own way – with a sprinkling of fougere-like, aromatic quality. Though I must note, this is just a sprinkle.

The remaining two notes appear in the dry down of Absolutely:

  • Chestnut – an accord around which the cologne was crafted. It projects a roasted, distinctly nutty aroma; and
  • Cedar – complements the chestnut by providing a dry, almost earthy undertone that smells masculine
Prevalent smell of roasted chestnuts

In summary, Stronger With You Absolutely opens boozy and sweet, with a balsamic facet replacing the rum soon thereafter. Then, I observe the emergence of mild lavender as the scent transitions. This is followed by the ultimate dry down which smells nutty, woody, and sweet – vanilla being the only note that endures throughout the entirety of Absolutely.

Check out this reviewer’s thoughts:

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire with vanilla bean pods and a glass of fine aged rum in your hand. Undertones of cedar giving just the right amount of masculine edge to this warm and sensual fragrance. If you want your girl to get cuddly and bury her face in your neck, this is the stuff for that.

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Surprisingly solid performance

The performance of Absolutely has…*absolutely* impressed me. (I had to – not sorry).

For designer fragrances around this price I typically don’t expect robust projection and longevity. Although my testing has revealed precisely that.

Specifically, it projects out from my skin for 3 hours, before settling down to a skin scent for 6 hours more. Therefore, you can expect total longevity of around 9 hours. Additionally, it seems to hang around even longer when the weather turns cool.

Perfect for winter weather

Stronger With You Absolutely is suitable to wear when temperatures start to drop in the cooler months.

Indicatively, this works well for comfortable casual situations as well as cozy night-time romantic dates or outings.

man who wears stronger with you absolutely
A great situation to wear Absolutely

This one is worn best by guys in their 20’s and up.

But what about you younger fellas?

My pick – check out Azzaro The Most Wanted which has a very similar feel but more appropriate for your age.

In Conclusion

stronger with you absolutely

There you have it, three reasons why Stronger With You Absolutely is a scent that I’ll continue to recommend going forward.

This fragrance is warm and smoldering, thanks to inclusions of smoky, woody, and nutty elements. The rum and lavender are pleasant additions that add character – as is the unending, sweet vanilla.

The vigorous performance was an enjoyable surprise, making this such an easy reach (too easy TBH) when cool weather hits.

My only regret will be giving into temptation and finishing this cologne quicker than I’d like.

Get more information and buy now on Amazon >>>

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Stronger With You Absolutely?

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