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YSL MYSLF Sucks? I STRONGLY Disagree (Reviewed)

YSL MYSLF is a men’s fragrance released in 2023. Since launch, MYSLF has received rather underwhelming reviews. Critics have focused on the fact it lacks any innovation and complexity. However, I believe simplicity is one of its greatest strengths and MYSLF is being highly underrated. Read on and let me argue my case.

What does YSL MYSLF smell like?

First let’s take a look at the ingredients. YSL MYSLF has a compact scent profile consisting of bergamot, orange blossom, ambroxan, and patchouli.

The fragrance opens with a dazzling burst of crisp bergamot. It smells refreshing and citrusy, coupled with an orange blossom accord. The blossom softens the bergamot and infuses a slightly tangy and white floral essence.

Bergamot is present from the get go

Despite different notes I do pick up some comparisons to the uplifting aspects of Valentino Born in Roma.

After 10 minutes the scent starts to change:

  • The initial burst of bergamot settles down: and
  • Further aspects of orange blossom reveal themselves, including a subtle soapy texture.
Orange blossom

Later, the dry down occurs. Base notes of ambroxan and patchouli drift into view.

However, if you’re expecting something warm and earthy, you’d be wildly mistaken.

They combine to exude a diffusive woody musk with a soft metallic texture. If you’ve smelled Dior Sauvage you’ll notice some similarity.

In summary, MYSLF smells like classy freshness coupled with sweet white floral orange blossom. Then, it settles down into a likeable (and familiar) woody, ambroxan base.

MYSLF is the very definition of simple yet sophisticated. An elegant all-rounder that’ll offend nobody. A pleasing departure from the horde of sweet scents we’ve been served up recently.

Although, I will admit it lacks charisma and individuality. You could say it’s a predictable mixture of the best aspects of recent popular men’s colognes. However, they said the same thing about Sauvage and look how popular that juice became.

This reviewer agrees with my thoughts:

Too much hate already on this. What’s not to like. Beautiful year round fragrance. Perfect for day or evening. Classy, elegant. Wear it at the office or to a formal occasion. If you pick this up on someone, you’ll most likely ask what it is. 8/10


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Is it strong?

No, MYSLF really isn’t that strong.

I’ve been wearing it lots lately and have gotten a solid handle on its performance. Specifically, I’ve found it lasts for a total of 7 hours on skin. Further, it projects softly into the air for the first 3 of those.

I’d compare the projection and longevity to Prada Luna Rossa Ocean.

How versatile is it?

One of MYSLF’s greatest strengths is its versatility. It’s more flexible than an Olympic gymnast.

The range this juice has is almost unmatched.

It’s a blessing for the office and other formal events – such as weddings, graduations, and the like. Additionally, spray it on for casual outings and social catch ups with friends.

man who wears ysl myslf
It suits just about any casual or formal occasion imaginable

Seasonally, it’s one of the rare colognes I legitimately recommend for any time of year. I’ve worn it during warmer and cooler days and had equal success.

Although this is impressive, Yves Saint Laurent isn’t a complete stranger to making adaptable fragrances. YSL Bleu Electrique is another option that comes to mind.

In Summary – YSL MYSLF

ysl myslf

People have doubts about YSL MYSLF. Look, I get it.

Nevertheless, I urge you to ignore the naysayers.

Cooling citrus and heady, multifaceted orange blossom combine in a stylish, chic way. Then, underpinned by a modern ambroxan, woody base. This is a solid scent and criticism of its plainness will pass.

MYSLF can do it all and will serve you well in almost any situation imaginable.

Get more information and buy now on Amazon >>>

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on YSL MYSLF?

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