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Versace Eros Parfum Review: It’s NOT Redundant (Explained)

Versace Eros Parfum is a men’s fragrance launched in 2021. It’s a newer release in the hugely popular Eros cologne line by Versace. Although Eros Parfum has been showered in praise, some have criticised how necessary it is. I’m here to say that you shouldn’t worry about the haters – this isn’t a redundant scent by any means. Read on for my overall thoughts.

Versace Eros Parfum smells aromatic, citrusy, and richly sweet

Firstly, let’s cover the ingredients. Versace Eros Parfum contains notes of mint, lemon, apple, amber, geranium, and tonka bean.

Next, onto the scent itself. On first spray you’ll notice fresh and sweet elements that pop right off skin. The freshness comes from mint, whose aroma is bracingly spicy. It’s paired with a citrusy lemon that smells clean and invigorating.

Fresh spicy mint

Side note: Although lemon has potential to smell sharp, that’s not the case here. It’s nothing like the astringent opening of Club de Nuit Intense Man.

Meanwhile, apple is responsible for the early sweetness. It imbues a juicy, crisp edge to the spicy freshness.

Fruity, crisp apple

Initially, there’s many similarities between the Parfum and Eros EDT. Nevertheless, Eros Parfum veers in a different direction as it develops:

  • Amber comes first, appearing sooner and more prominently than past Eros releases. It sweetly supplements the apple whilst smoothing out the blend.
  • Geranium arrives soon thereafter. It supports the aromatic nature of the mint with a thick, green, sweetness.
Deep, warm amber is prominent throughout

Once the dry down hits, tonka bean is the last accord unveiled. It complements the amber, infusing a sweet, powdery quality.

In summary, the opening of Versace Eros Parfum smells aromatically fresh and sweet. Then, once the freshness withdraws, aromatics mingle amongst a warm delectable duo of amber and tonka. The Parfum smells clean yet deep, a richer and more intense interpretation of the Eros DNA.

Have a look at this reviewer’s comments:

Mint, apple and amber are the main notes that are discernible in Eros Parfum. Definitely feels more mature than both the EDT and EDP, but still maintains the signature essence of Eros. Not super impressive in any regard but it smells great and will get you compliments. This is essentially Versace Eros for people who feel like they’re too old to wear Versace Eros.

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Impressive performance

My testing reveals the Parfum’s performance is a step above its Eros ancestors.

Specifically, it projects strongly for the first 3 hours, before becoming a skin scent for 6 afterwards. Therefore, expect about 9 hours of total lasting power.

This increased potency is explained by the blend’s greater focus on aromatics and amber.

It’s versatile and mature

Pleasingly, Versace has continued the trend of crafting colognes with extensive range. Accordingly, there’s many situations you can be confident spraying Versace Eros Parfum.

I enjoy wearing this during casual situations or coffee catch ups. Although it’s suitable for dates too, given its enticing ambery goodness.

man who wears eros parfum
This guy wears Eros Parfum

Seasonally, this scent doesn’t have many limits. Just avoid applying on hot days and reach for Versace Man Eau Fraiche or Dylan Blue instead.

Lastly, it’s a desirable choice for mature guys who enjoy the Eros DNA but crave something less juvenile.

In Conclusion – Versace Eros Parfum

versace eros parfum

Despite similarities to previous instalments, Versace Eros Parfum isn’t a redundant release.

Sure, Eros Parfum maintains the fruity freshness of its forefathers. And yes, the sweetness is there too.

However, it places an emphasis on amber, a quality that only softly swept through prior releases. This enlivens the alluring aspects of the DNA, whilst strengthening its maturity and performance.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Versace Eros Parfum?

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