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Halloween Man X: 3 Things to Know [Review]

Halloween Man X is a cologne for men launched in 2019. Since release, it’s become renowned as an ultra-affordable warm coffee cologne, generating plenty of positive reviews. After testing it myself, I understand the hype. However, I think there’s 3 key things you must know before you decide to buy it. Stick with me for a few minutes and I’ll explain.

1. Halloween Man X smells like artificial roasted coffee with warm spicy undertones

Halloween Man X contains notes of cardamom, lemon, lavender, coffee, whiskey, cinnamon, tonka, and amber.

On first spray I’m immediately presented with an aura of warm, sweet fruitiness. This opening mixture is possible due to the combination of spicy cardamom and fresh lemon.

Warm, softly spicy cardamom in the opening

Lavender resides in the background behind this duo. It emits its usual floral character, becoming more prominent as the scent develops.

After this stage I witness a few changes occur:

  • Emergence of a pointed coffee note that takes the lead. It smells creamy and bitter, somewhat like roasted coffee beans. Admittedly it does smell artificial, but don’t be fazed. Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature cleverly pulls off a similar synthetic coffee accord;
  • A muted note of whiskey also appears. However, it injects scarce booziness to the aroma. I’d liken its contribution to a hint of woods and caramel; and
  • A discreet undertone of spicy cinnamon. Its role is limited to supporting the earlier cardamom which has since softened.
Slightly woody, caramel-like whiskey

Once Halloween Man X dries down, the fruitiness and warm spices withdraw. The coffee steadily endures, now interlaced with rising base notes of amber and tonka.

This new pairing evokes more of what we’ve seen already. They’re gentle and sweet, uniting with the prevalent coffee in a charming way.

Overall, Halloween Man X opens warm and fruity. Then coffee takes over, supported by several background notes that cultivate depth. Notwithstanding a synthetic aspect throughout, there’s alluring, mellow character here. You don’t often see that at this price, although Azzaro The Most Wanted is another rare example.

Coffee is a core part of this scent

Have a look at this reviewer’s comments:

A delightful little coffee fragrance that makes you smell like the most bougie, posh, yet oddly inviting coffee house on the block. It takes the fun little spicy-sweet notes from the original Halloween Man and adds a massive dose of coffee, turning this into a more masculine, interesting scent that lasts for a long while, evolving as it dries. 


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2. Low profile performance

Halloween Man X features subdued performance.

Specifically, it projects lightly from my skin for the first 2 hours, before settling closer for 3 more. Therefore, up to 5 hours of total longevity is to be expected. Certainly not beast mode, but no silent slouch.

3. A cold weather killer

Regardless of the name, this isn’t just a scent for Halloween. Thank god for that.

Halloween Man X’s inviting, warm energy makes it a fitting choice for moderate or colder climates.

In that weather, it’s suitable for casual catch ups, clubbing, and date night rendezvous.

man who wears halloween man x
A perfect situation to wear Halloween Man X

However, its nonchalant nature makes it unsuitable for formal occasions or special events. In those cases, reach for Dior Homme Intense instead.

In Conclusion – Halloween Man X

halloween man x

There you have it, 3 important things to know about Halloween Man X before you buy.

Despite its coffee-forward character, this cologne is more than that. It’s mellow yet inviting, featuring a swathe of tempered ingredients below supporting the roasted brew above.

If you can compromise on a synthetic smell and mild performance, this affordable elixir will serve you well when those chilly months arrive.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Halloween Man X?

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