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Amouage Reflection 45 is Resinous LUXURY (Review)

Amouage Reflection 45 is a fragrance for men launched in 2021. It’s a flanker of Reflection Man, one of Amouage’s most beloved white floral colognes. Further, 45 is cited as taking that famed DNA in a luxurious, more intense direction. As a fan of the original, I knew I had to get my nose on this new interpretation and I’m glad I did. Read on for my review.

Amouage Reflection 45 smells aromatic and resinous with woody undertones

Amouage Reflection 45 contains lavender, pink pepper, iris, jasmine, tonka, opoponax, woods, and patchouli. However, there’s plenty more going on here, and limiting it to 8 notes is almost criminal. Nevertheless, these are the most noticeable.

Amouage Reflection 45 opens with a pairing of lavender and pink pepper. The lavender exhibits floral and aromatic qualities, whilst the pepper produces a bright, punchy spiciness.

Aromatic lavender

A soft iris emerges soon after. It smells smooth and chic, like a subdued version of powdery iris found in Dior Homme Intense.

Don’t let the abundance of florals fool you. They’re blended in a palatable way for the mature, modern man. And as the scent develops, further nuances emerge:

  • Jasmine – infuses a rich, sensual aspect;
  • Tonka – provides some subtle sweetness; and
  • Opoponax – the most noticeable of this trio. The resin deepens and warms the blend, giving it a more intense feel than the original Reflection Man.
Resinous, rich opoponax

Lastly, woods and patchouli become apparent in the dry down. They continue the resinous role by further deepening the aroma. The woods smell dry and masculine, whilst the patchouli adds a tinge (just a tinge) of earthiness underneath.

In summary, Reflection 45 smells aromatic and spirited, before transitioning through discreet florals, sweetness, and dense resins. Then, woods and patchouli add further fullness. This cologne oozes quality, its extensive facets on display for all to admire. Also, 45 lacks the brightness of its predecessor, embodying darker thickness instead.

Check out this reviewer’s thoughts:

Much more effervescent due to the pink pepper, hints of coniferous-ness, beauuutiful resinous amber, slightly more woody, cleaner smelling, less floral and light than the original. Still, it comes off as very fresh and professional. The original Reflection man has very strong heady florals that comes from ylang-jasmine combo I believe, to which I am indifferent to. This one does not have that. It dries down completely different, and swings way more resinous amber-centric.

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Supreme longevity

The depth of Reflection 45 provides lasting power that most of the competition can’t match.

Specifically, it projects modestly from skin for the first 3 hours. Then it draws closer, lasting for a further 9. Therefore, expect an impressive total of 12 hours longevity.

If I apply this in the morning, I still catch whiffs on skin well into the evening. Not bad at all. 

A formal weapon

Amouage Reflection 45 should be worn in classy, sophisticated scenarios.

Personally, I wear this often in the office, paired with a suit. However, it’s also brilliant for black tie, weddings, or other dressy special events.

man who wears amoauge reflection 45
Reflection 45 is a formal superstar

Despite the resinous richness, this isn’t just a cold weather elixir. It’s also applicable in moderate climates provided you don’t overspray. Although when the temperature soars, the original, and even Prada L’Homme, are safer bets.

In Conclusion – Amouage Reflection 45

amouage reflection 45

Admirers of its predecessor will enjoy the direction taken with Amouage Reflection 45.

This release restrains the heady florals from the OG but infuses a newfound, resinous richness and deep woody base.

Although its versatility could be better, its effectiveness for formal and dressy circumstances can’t be denied.

This one will be in my collection forever.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Amouage Reflection 45?

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