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Montblanc Explorer Platinum (Review): How Does It Smell?

Montblanc Explorer Platinum is a men’s fragrance that came out in 2023. It’s the third Explorer release, a cologne range advertised as adventurous and masculine. However, Platinum takes an offbeat approach to its siblings. It’s fresher and more refined, encompassing an almost entirely different set of accords. Read on for detail about the smell and my overall verdict.

What does Montblanc Explorer Platinum smell like?

Montblanc Explorer Platinum has a compact note profile. It contains 4 accords – clary sage, violet leaves, cedarwood, and musk.

Firstly comes a burst of sage. It immediately presents an aromatic facet with hints of greenness. Intriguingly, the sage also offers a satisfying metallic-like smell.

Airy violet leaf

Violet leaf is here too, featuring an airy, ozonic texture that freshens things up.

Although there isn’t a fruit note officially listed, there is a fruit-like smell. Some say coconut, some say mango. Regardless, it smells refreshing and sweet.

Afterwards, Platinum starts drying down. The strength of the sweetness and sage begins reducing. Then, the woody base note presents itself.

Aromatic, metallic sage

It’s mostly cedarwood, eliciting a creamy, composed texture. Interestingly, it’s essentially like the buttery iris present in many Prada fragrances.

Musk accompanies the cedarwood. Another accord that isn’t even listed by Montblanc. Nevertheless, I smell the clean effervescent aroma it diffuses in support of the woods.

In summary, Montblanc Explorer Platinum smells like a crisp and sweet aromatic cologne. Then, it becomes woodier with fizzy musk once it settles. The crispness and cleanness is emblematic of the metallic silver bottle it’s contained within. Furthermore, Platinum is sophisticated yet friendly, also smelling more distinctive than I expected.

Although the original Montblanc Explorer was generally seen as a Creed Aventus clone, Platinum has no such inspiration. It’s a unique creation that evokes reviving and gentlemanly energy throughout.

The last Montblanc Explorer release, Ultra Blue, was a monumental letdown. It’s safe to say Platinum has redeemed it – and then some.

Check out the glowing feedback from this reviewer:

The moment you spray it, you’re greeted with this invigorating burst of woody freshness that wakes you up and sets a lively, positive vibe. As it settles in, you start to notice this beautiful blend of scents that give off a sense of elegance and sophistication. The mix of notes is just right – not too overpowering, but definitely leaves a lasting impression.

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How does it perform?

For a freshie, Explorer Platinum is unexpectedly strong. Certainly in comparison to the original, which has respectable but not sublime strength.

Specifically, Platinum projects out moderately from skin for the first 4 hours. Then, it settles closer for another 4, lasting for 8 in total.

Furthermore, I can squeeze out a few more hours if I apply to clothes. Normally, I reapply once in the afternoon and that does me for the entire day.

Is Platinum versatile?

Yes. Montblanc continues their trend of creating versatile aromas.

I’ve worn Platinum to the office many times and can vouch for it there. Also, formal and special events work too. It contains a dignified classy streak along with its vibrancy.

Seasonally it’s safe to spray year-round. But obviously those warmer and moderate days will be even more effective.

Overall, I’ve found Platinum to be less rugged and more sophisticated than others in the line. Thus, wear it during situations aligned with that precept.

In Summary – Montblanc Explorer Platinum

montblanc explorer platinum

Flankers don’t always improve upon their predecessors. However, Montblanc Explorer Platinum has managed to do just that.

It doesn’t take the usual citrus or marine route of most freshies these days. Instead, Platinum leans into a crisp combo of sage and violet leaf, layered above woods and musk.

When a satisfying smell is combined with robust performance, you’ve got an obvious winner.

This is my favourite Montblanc release to date.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Montblanc Explorer Platinum?

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