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Louis Vuitton Imagination (Review): Elegant, Soapy Citrus

Louis Vuitton Imagination is a men’s cologne released in 2021. A luxury brand synonymous with sophistication, Louis Vuitton continues that ethos with this fragrance. Imagination is a citrus-based freshie that’s received plenty of attention due to its bright yet balanced profile. I’ve been testing it all week and it’s time to share with you my verdict. Let’s see if it lives up to the rave reviews.

What does Imagination smell like?

Let’s quickly cover the notes. Imagination contains citron, bergamot, orange, neroli, ginger, Chinese black tea, and ambroxan.

Imagination opens with a burst of citruses, sparkling like sunlight dancing on rippling water. The invigorating citron comes first, smelling crisp and green.

It’s supported by bergamot and orange mandarin which produce similarly zesty character. This trio immediately awakens the senses and sets the stage for the journey to come.

Citron leads the trio of citruses

Citruses aren’t the only initial smell. They intertwine softly with a soapy neroli note. It’s quite smooth and has a slightly watery texture. Also, the soapiness is delicate, like a diluted rendition of the iris in Prada L’Homme.

As Imagination evolves, the luminosity of the citruses gently fades. Ginger appears, giving rise to a subtle fresh spiciness and zing.

The fragrance becomes more composed as it dries down. A black tea note comes forward, adding complexity. It’s accompanied by a modest backbone of ambroxan which provides masculine depth.

Black tea adds tranquility and complexity

In summary, Louis Vuitton Imagination is an uplifting yet relaxing fragrance. It smells like fresh, soapy citruses that settles down into ambery, ginger, and tea subtleties. This radiant scent has a graceful, fresh linen feel that instils a sense of quiet confidence in its wearer.

This reviewer certainly enjoys it too:

This one is so fresh, calm and relaxing, one of the best fragrances i have ever smelled.
The naming is perfect IMAGINATION or maybe like a DREAM it’s like a FANTASY, it puts a smile on my face every time i wear this and just puts me in a good mood. What more can you ask for here?


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How does it perform?

Citrus-based colognes don’t usually feature stellar performance.

Nonetheless, Imagination is one of the rare few that defies the odds. It’s amongst the most robust citrus scents I’ve reviewed to date.

Specifically, it projects modestly from my skin for the first 4 hours. Then, it sits closer and remains noticeable for 6 after that. Therefore, I get an impressive 10 hours of total lasting power.

When can you wear it?

Louis Vuitton Imagination has decent versatility, allowing you to wear it flexibly:

  • Professionally: Imagination is both sophisticated and understated. Thus, it’s suitable for professional settings such as business meetings, conferences, and networking events. It conveys competence and confidence without being overpowering, making it a clever choice for the workplace
  • Casually: While it’s undeniably elegant, it can also be worn casually. Daytime outings with friends or family work well. As do brunches, shopping trips, or leisurely walks in the park. It’ll add a touch of luxury to your everyday experiences.
man who wears louis vuitton imagination
Wear this scent casually and formally

In the settings above, I recommend you stick to the warmer and more moderate months of the year. Check out Amouage Reflection 45 for when it cools down.

In Summary – Louis Vuitton Imagination

louis vuitton imagination

In conclusion, Louis Vuitton Imagination is amongst the most enjoyable and elegant freshies on the market right now.

It’s a triumph of artistry, an immaculate blend of soapy citruses and more complex accords. Overall, the scent captures the essence of crisp, clean luxury in every drop.

However, it’s pricey, as LV fragrances tend to be. Although if you’re fine with that, you’ll discover that this isn’t just a fragrance; it’s an invitation to explore the boundless possibilities of the imagination.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Louis Vuitton Imagination?

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