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Creed Aventus – 4 Genuine Alternatives You MUST Try [Listed]

Creed Aventus. The holy grail of men’s colognes. Relentlessly studied and pursued, Aventus is commonly known as the King of masculine fragrances. However, it isn’t cheap. Recently, someone asked me for affordable alternatives. Below I’ve put together a list of 4 Creed Aventus alternatives that you must consider.

1. Mont Blanc Explorer

creed aventus mont blanc explorer

Let’s start the list with a designer cologne inspired by Creed Aventus – Mont Blanc Explorer.

Explorer hit the market only recently in 2019. Since then, it’s been touted as a clever designer Aventus alternative. It features almost identical citruses and woods, coupled with ambroxan, smokiness and leather. You can read my more detailed review on the scent here.

Although it isn’t an exact clone, it’s similar enough that those around you won’t notice a difference. Furthermore, Explorer’s versatility and affordability make this a must try as an Aventus substitute.

Check out this reviewer’s thoughts on Explorer:

You want to smell like Aventus but you don’t want to pay for Aventus. This is close, very close. Some people complain about performance but on me it’s a good 6 hours and what more can you ask for at this price on discounters.

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2. Nishane Hacivat

nishane hacivat

Do you like Aventus but are bothered by its mediocre performance? Nishane Hacivat must move to the front of your list.

This stuff is nuclear. Not only does it project loudly, but its staying power is immense. 3 sprays are all you need with this one.

Much like Aventus, Hacivat features the ever-popular scent DNA of pineapple and citrus top notes with an underlying woody backbone.

However unlike its inspiration, Hacivat contains an oakmoss accord which provides an earthy, green essence in the background. It’s also sharper in the opening and relatively linear throughout.

I like to characterise Hacivat as an Aventus-inspired fragrance that’s not only stronger, but rougher around the edges. Another caveat is that it costs only marginally less than Aventus.

This cologne reviewer had some interesting comments that I agree with:

Oak moss, pineapple, patchouli are notes that are similar to Aventus. But they are still very different, if you love Aventus you might like this but they are not the same. For me both are very good summer scents, I prefere Hacivat because the performance is better.

You can check out my further breakdown on Hacivat in this post.

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3. Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man is by far the most affordable fragrance on this list.

It also happens to be a spirited alternative to Aventus.

Club de Nuit features the same citruses and fruits up top, that develops alongside smoky, woody birch as the scent dries on skin.

Whilst Club de Nuit is potent in the opening, the dry down is where it truly shines. I go over my thoughts on its progression in this review here.

This reviewer was pretty straightforward with their comments:

This is a dupe of Aventus. The opening is not the same but after 10 min, you can’t really tell which one is real. For what you pay for, this is it. Amazing. No one will know that you are wearing a fake Aventus.

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4. Mancera Cedrat Boise

creed aventus cedrat boise

Now stick with me on this one.

I’ve saved a wildcard for last – Mancera Cedrat Boise.

Cedrat Boise is the least comparable to Aventus on this list. Specifically, it doesn’t feature the precise citrusy, woody pairing of the prior 3.

However it does contain a variety of fruits early on, before developing to a base of woods and leather.

Although distinctly fruity and sweeter, Cedrat Boise is equally as versatile as Aventus – at an affordable price. In fact, I love it so much I also reviewed it in more depth here.

This reviewer had something similar to say:

This is my most complimented fragrance. I wear it in office and anyone who enter asking what smell so good. It have similar DNA like Aventus, but drydown is different and in my opinion this is much better. When you look at price, longevity, projection and smell, this does everything better than Aventus.

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In Summary

There you have it. 4 genuine alternatives to Creed Aventus that I strongly recommend you check out. Although not all are identical to King Aventus, they evoke a comparable feel – with either stronger performance or at a better cost.

I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below what you think of my suggested Creed Aventus alternatives?

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