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Roja Enigma Review: The Best Boozy Niche? [Answered]

Roja Enigma is a 2019 men’s fragrance release by Roja Dove. It’s marketed as a warm spicy fragrance with elements of booze and vanilla. I’ve owned a bottle of this niche scent for over a year and I’ve spent plenty of time wearing it. In today’s review, I’ll be providing you with my concise thoughts on the ‘Parfum Cologne’ version of Enigma.

What does Enigma smell like?

Roja Enigma contains notes of bergamot, cognac, heliotrope, jasmine, vanilla, tobacco, benzoin, and pepper.

When sprayed on skin I immediately pick up the boozy cognac. The cognac smells effervescent, which provides a unique, ‘sparkling’ quality. Interestingly, I’d compare the smell to coca-cola. Accompanying the ‘cola-like’ cognac is a warm vanilla accord which adds a rich sweetness. Furthermore, I distinctly smell a fresh bergamot accord which brings balance to the other two notes.

Boozy cognac is prominent in Enigma

The transition through the mid notes is subtle. Firstly, the bergamot starts to recede, allowing the vanilla to continue to shine alongside the cognac. Furthermore, the vanilla acquires a resinous, benzoin-type quality, preventing the sweetness from becoming overbearing.

At this point, floral notes also arrive. Principally, I pick out nuances of heliotrope and jasmine operating in the background. They’re barely noticeable but provide increased complexity to the aforementioned notes.

As Enigma starts to dry down, I begin to smell other accords as well. The tobacco peers through, providing a mature backbone to the composition. However, it’s by no means a main feature, merely a supporting note.

Subtle tobacco in the dry down

Similarly, I can also smell the spicy pepper in the dry down. But again, it’s only mild and supplementary, adding to the warm spiciness of Enigma.

Overall, I’d describe Roja Enigma as a sparkling boozy vanilla type of scent. Which takes a deeper, warmer form as it dries down. It smells opulent and luxurious. Additionally, it has a balanced blend of sweetness and spice. Although Enigma is quite rich and dense, the spices, bergamot, and ‘fizziness’ prevent that from ever becoming an issue.

Check out this reviewer’s thoughts on Enigma:

Fizzy coca-cola at the beginning drying down to a sweet, but definitely not cloying, vanilla/tobacco/benzoin. Don’t get the florals or woods but I think they make the fragrance less linear, which is good. Longevity is fantastic, sillage is just as good.

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Does this scent have good performance?

From my extensive testing I have found that Roja Enigma has moderate projection and eternal longevity. In detail, it projects 2 feet out from the skin for the first 3 hours, then starts to settle down closer to skin. It forms a scent bubble for many hours after that, lasting on my skin for up to 24 hours. Some days I have sprayed it on, gone to bed, and have smelled it lingering the next day.

When and who can wear this?

I believe the booze and resinous nature lend to this fragrance being more wearable in the night-time. It’s best worn for casual or formal evening events, or even dates. What comes to mind for me is an evening out at a speakeasy or bar. Additionally, Enigma will smell at its best when there’s some chill in the air – think, Autumn and Winter months.

The type of environment where Enigma will shine.

This is undoubtedly a scent for a mature gentleman. Young guys, this is not the one for you. Ideally, I’d recommend this to stylish men aged 30+. The type of guy who wears Enigma is equally suited to the likes of Creed Viking and Dunhill Icon.

In summary – Roja Enigma Parfum Cologne

roja enigma

In summary, I consider Roja Enigma one of the best boozy niche scents on the market. It’s clearly well crafted, and just smells of quality. It’s a perfect choice for refined, classy men who want to add a statement-making evening cologne to their wardrobe.

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If you’re looking for a more affordable boozy cologne, check out my review of Bentley for Men Intense.

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Roja Enigma?

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