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Creed Virgin Island Water review: 3 Things to Know

Creed Virgin Island Water is a cologne for men launched in 2007. Since release, it’s been cited as one of the most tropical scents from the luxury house of Creed. Despite its positive reputation, there’s 3 things you must know before you go ahead and buy. Stick with me for a few minutes and let me explain.

Creed Virgin Island Water smells like a tropical, coconut cocktail

Creed Virgin Island Water (VIW) contains notes of coconut, lime, bergamot, sugar cane, florals, rum, and musk.

On first spray, I’m immediately welcomed with the scent of coconut. An uncommon note in colognes, it evokes a sweet, light creamy-type texture.

Creamy coconut

Accompanying the coconut is a medley of citruses, mostly lime and bergamot. The lime in particular smells completely realistic, providing a tart, juicy aura.

Also arriving early is sugar cane, emanating from the base. It achieves a refined, sugared feel – and pleasingly lacks any commonly used synthetic traits.

Juicy, tart lime

As VIW progresses, next to emerge is a mixture of gentle florals. They provide a silky essence, peacefully enhancing the creamy coconut aspect. I suspect jasmine and ylang-ylang are responsible, although their limited quantity makes them hard to identify.

The coconut, sweet, and floral accords endure as VIW transitions to the dry down.

However, base notes of delicate white rum and fizzy musk rise to greet them.

This newly uncovered boozy, effervescent duo emits luscious character as the scent dries. Although soft and nonchalant, the pairing smells distinctly authentic – especially the rum. Quality we’ve come to expect from the geniuses at Creed.

Tropical cocktail vibes

Overall, Virgin Island Water opens as a tastefully sweet, tart, coconut composition. Then, subtle florals supplement the velvety aroma. Finally, the appearance of white rum and musk provide effervescent, complex charm.

VIW smells like a luscious tropical cocktail, and many will notice similarities to a pina colada. This is a light-hearted blend most suited to laid-back men.

Have a look at this reviewer’s comments:

My one true fragrance love. This will forever be my all time favorite fragrance. Lime, coconut, and some good ole white rum I love it. Longevity could be better but I don’t care this is beauty at it’s finest.

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Performance is light

Like most Creed fragrances, Virgin Island Water’s performance is pretty light.

Specifically, it projects mildly out from skin for the first hour, residing closer for 4 hours more. Therefore, expect up to 5 hours of total longevity.

If you want this one to last all day, I encourage you to reapply after that time.

Perfect for summer

Unsurprisingly, Virgin Island Water is a summer superstar.

In detail, you can wear this anytime the weather heats up. In that sense it’s comparable to Creed Silver Mountain Water.

man who wears creed virgin island water
Perfect to wear in summer

It’s cheerful enough to be worn casually, and by the beach on holidays. Personally, VIW evokes feelings of sipping on a cocktail at a Caribbean holiday destination.

However, it also retains dignity, wearable during special occasions too. Weddings and dates are two ideal examples.

In Conclusion – Creed Virgin Island Water

creed virgin island water

There you go, 3 things you need to know about Creed Virgin Island Water.

VIW is a tropical aroma consisting of several realistic ingredients. A tart creamy coconut combo starts proceedings, before supportive florals are introduced. The assortment finally settles upon ethereal white rum and a classic Creed musk.

Don’t look past this tranquil stunner if you’re searching for your newest summer scent.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Creed Virgin Island Water?

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