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Versace Eros EDP – Most GENIUS Release Yet? [Updated Review]

Versace Eros EDP is the latest cologne release from the popular designer house Versace. It’s the newest mature take on the famously popular Versace Eros EDT. Could it be Versace’s most genius release yet? Let’s take a look at this cologne for the next few minutes and find out.

Cologne Notes

The official notes that I can smell in Versace Eros EDP include mint, candied apple, lemon, mandarin, ambroxan, vanilla, woods, patchouli, and leather.

How Does Versace Eros EDP Smell?

When first sprayed on skin, you can immediately smell the mint, sweetness, and bright hints of citrus. The sweetness is coming from both candied apple and vanilla, which evolves as the scent develops on skin. The energetic addition of citrus is coming from lemon and mandarin, although it’s difficult to tell them apart.


There is also a pronounced dense quality in the opening. This is coming from ambroxan, which is well-known as a prominent note in Dior Sauvage. It smells ambery and musky, adding deepness to the scent. As this fragrance is all about being a more mature alternative to Eros EDT, it’s very complementary to that theme.

If you’re trying to picture what Eros EDP smells like so far, picture this. Take a candied apple and sprinkle it with some refreshing mint. Add a zesty hit of citrus, a little musk, and top it off with a thick vanilla accord. What you’re imagining is probably pretty close to the opening aroma of this cologne!

Versace Eros EDP truly shines after you give it a chance to dry on skin. The interplay of vanilla and woods transforms into a dense, composed sweetness. You can also pick out subtle notes of patchouli and leather. These accords are very popular in men’s fragrance for their masculine characteristics.

Woody notes

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When spraying Eros EDP and Eros EDT side by side, you can absolutely smell the difference. Overall, Eros EDP is more reserved, and less ‘in your face’ in the opening. It then becomes more complex in the base. This is thanks to the rich combination of delectable vanilla, mature woods, earthy patchouli, and leather.

Not sure what the difference between EDT and EDP is? Check out our quick-start cologne beginner’s guide.

Longevity and Projection

After sprayed on skin, Versace Eros EDP lasts for an impressive 8 hours total. I’ve been complimented a few times before on its inviting scent trail, which seems to be strongest during the first 2 hours.

Occasions and Versatility

Eros EDP is one of the most versatile offerings from Versace to date. It can easily be worn in ANY casual situation you can imagine, including dates and social events with friends. Additionally, it’s wearable in a laid-back office environment where the dress standard is button downs/t-shirts/jeans.

However, we think there are better cologne options in ultra-classy, formal, or solemn scenarios. The initial sweet and energetic elements of Eros EDP likely won’t work in harmony with someone who needs to maintain a dignified demeanour.

Have a look at this reviewer’s comments on this cologne:

FAR less irritating than the EDT. Not a fan of the EDT but definitely a fan of this one. Definitely sweet, bordering on ALMOST too sweet, but then the minty freshness comes in and saves the day. Very versatile and dare I say it’s also somewhat office-safe.

Eros EDP is an Impressive Release from Versace

versace eros edp

Updated: Versace Eros EDP is without a doubt one of the best releases from Versace yet. This is a big statement to make, since Versace makes plenty of excellent colognes for men.

However, Versace took the popular & appealing DNA of Versace Eros EDT and somehow managed to improve upon it for this new release. This is a genius feat and quite a rare accomplishment in the fragrance industry.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on Versace Eros EDP?

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