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Gucci Guilty Absolute ISN’T for Everyone (Review)

Gucci Guilty Absolute is a men’s fragrance that came out in 2017. Since launch, it’s drawn plenty of attention as a brave, masculine form of leather. Although I was disappointed at first, it’s grown on me over time. Nevertheless, not everyone is going to like it. Read on for details why.

How does Gucci Guilty Absolute smell?

Firstly let’s cover the note breakdown. Gucci Guilty Absolute consists of leather, cypress, patchouli, woods, and vetiver.

The opening of Gucci Guilty Absolute smells fearless. It’s hard to describe, but I compare it to medicinal, hospital grade antiseptic. Undeniably, this will deter many people. However, leave it lingering and the scent’s true nature comes forward.

Edgy leather

Soon afterwards the leather note reveals itself. It smells industrial and oily, symbolic of a hairy-chested masculine man using work tools. A big divergence from stylish leather scents like Tom Ford Ombre Leather.

Cypress mingles amongst that leather. It introduces an aromatic edge that smells like herbaceous pine trees.

Aromatic cypress

After the opening phase the scent descends into the heart notes:

  • Patchouli is layered underneath, introducing a soft earthy smell; and
  • Woods are present, reinforcing the virile energy with depth and dryness.

Once the dry down hits, the cypress recedes. It’s replaced by smoky vetiver that has a dark, verdant essence. Ultimately, the vetiver mixes with the remaining notes, especially the leather – staying until the end.

In summary, Gucci Guilty Absolute smells like gasoline tinted leather that’s blended with bracing cypress. Then it becomes darker and deeper with the arrival of patchouli, woods, and vetiver. It smells ruggedly macho and lawless, detached from safer, trendy alternatives.

Despite the autonomy, it does have similarities to Dior Fahrenheit, especially the petroleum adjacent opening.

This reviewer had some thoughtful comments:

Earthy, rugged, a little sweet, a little sweaty. Supple sun-warmed horse saddle, hint of band-aids and diesel fumes. This is a five o’clock shadow, jeans and leather boots kind of fragrance… I love it. Full of notes I wouldn’t normally find agreeable, but I can’t get enough of this one. Drydown is fantastic.

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Performance is varied

The performance of Gucci Guilty Absolute is a story of duality. It lasts forever but doesn’t project a whole heap.

Specifically, it projects averagely from skin for the first 3 hours. After that, it recedes closer for another 8, lasting for around 11 hours in total.

Therefore, you might be tempted to overspray to bolster projection. That’s a fatal mistake. A few sprays of Guilty Absolute is hard enough to wash off, let alone any more.

Be smart with the trigger or pay the price.

It’s NOT versatile

Versatile colognes with huge utility swarm the fragrance market. Scents that effortlessly transcend day and night, summer and winter, corporate class to romantic rendezvous. Gets you drooling doesn’t it?

Yeah, this isn’t one of those.

For masculine, well-dressed gents

Gucci Guilty Absolute is a bold scent for limited occasions. It doesn’t pretend to be otherwise, but if you wear it right, it’ll fascinate those around you.

Spray it for special occasions, like wedding receptions or cocktail dinners. Additionally, its brazen masculinity makes it a phenomenal option at bars and speakeasys.

Also, it’ll come as no surprise that it must be avoided in Summer and warmer months. However, the rest of the year is open season.

In Conclusion – Gucci Guilty Absolute

gucci guilty absolute

Gucci Guilty Absolute is an edgy men’s cologne that dares to walk its own, unfamiliar path.

The daring, medicinal opening will catch immediate attention. Then, a brutish leather note emerges, blended with coniferous cypress. All before earthy, woody elements arrive, bringing a smoky trace.

Despite limited versatility, it’s a spectacular aroma in certain circumstances. And when you bring it out to play, don’t you dare overspray.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Gucci Guilty Absolute?

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